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Rhenus Air e-Cargo


e-Cargo is an initiative of the IATA for the air cargo supply chain, by the air cargo supply chain. It involves carriers, freight forwarders, ground handlers, shippers, customs brokers and customs authorities. It replaces paper documents with electronic messages, reducing costs, improving transit times, accuracy and the competitiveness of airfreight.

e-Cargo is the next step in the Rhenus philosophy to make the entire supply chain more efficient. It includes a set of business processes and standards that make it possible to ship air cargo from origin to destination without paper documents. Documents are replaced with the exchange of electronic data. To protect the environment it is important to make our processes paperless. With this new technology we can provide environmentally conscious customers with tailor-made logistics solutions.


e-Cargo is the collective name for new developments in the field of digital information in the air cargo sector. e-Link is one such development: it is a system that enables us to deliver export shipments paperless to the handlers. At the moment, approximately 90% of all Rhenus’ export airfreight shipments are provided to the handling agents at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol via e-Link. e-Link supports and improves the export acceptance process between the forwarder and the carrier’s handling agent. With e-Link you can monitor your shipment’s complete process before, during and after acceptance and act accordingly.


In today’s electronic world, air cargo still relies heavily on paper documentation for the exchange of information. Each international airfreight shipment can require more than 30 different paper documents. The AWB (Air Waybill) is the most important transportation document in air cargo.

An e-AWB is an electronic Air Waybill and is applicable to e-Freight and non-e-Freight destinations. The e-AWB refers to a transportation contract between a shipper/forwarder and an airline. With the e-AWB, there is no longer a need to print, handle or archive a paper AWB. The e-AWB is equivalent to a normal AWB in all aspects, both legal and operational. The e-AWB makes Rhenus Air & Ocean the leader in e‑Cargo in the Netherlands. The IATA is responsible for the rollout of the e-AWB.

SmartGate Cargo

Rhenus Air & Ocean is part of the Schiphol SmartGate Cargo project. The Program Schiphol SmartGate Cargo (SSGC) is a joint initiative by the Tax Administration/Customs, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Air Cargo Netherlands and KLM Cargo. The goal is to achieve a safer, faster, more efficient and cost effective cargo handling as well as a close collaboration concerning monitoring, speed, safety and reliability within the air cargo chain. e-Cargo effectively contributes to achieve these goals using e-Link and the e-AWB.

Do you want to learn more about the Schiphol SmartGate Cargo project, please click here and here.

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