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Success Story: Case Study Contract Logistics

Nicole Schubert is busy in the kitchen. Her guests have just arrived. She takes a pan from a drawer and pushes the unit back in place with a brief hip movement. The self-closing mechanism is completely silent. Nicole loves cooking and has known from the start that she wanted a pull-out larder unit like this in her new kitchen. The unit and the kitchen were installed in her apartment just a few days ago.

The kitchen is being inaugurated today with a few of her new colleagues. Nicole has only just moved to Berlin. As she was so occupied with the move and the new job, she didn't have time to plan, order and install a new kitchen and decided to leave the project in the hands of the professionals.

She took her own ideas along to the nearest IKEA furniture store, hoping that she could put together the perfect kitchen with the help of the store's own designers. Unfortunately, it did not occur to her to measure the space in her new flat. There simply hadn't been time. Thus she arranged for a surveyor to come around to her place and take precise measures of her room. This very job was given to Rhenus. We arranged date and time for the visit immediately and the job was completed promptly and to full satisfaction thanks to a specially designed application, which enabled our surveyor to pass on the measurements to the IKEA store.

Case Study Contract Logistic

Using our surveyor's precise measurements, Nicole was able to plan her kitchen down to the greatest detail. As soon as she placed the order, she was given a specific date for delivery and installation. Rhenus is able to help out here, too, by allowing IKEA to access details of our installation capacity. From this point onwards, we were responsible for bringing the entire project to a successful conclusion.

The order was entered into our MFLU (Multi-Functional Logistic Unit) in Berlin and was processed immediately. IKEA does not actually operate its own warehouse in the German capital. In fact, Rhenus performs this task on its behalf. The various kitchen components were brought together in the warehouse and prepared for installation. Two days before the agreed delivery date, we gave Nicole a call to give her an approximate arrival time for the installation team. Furthermore, to ensure a smooth delivery we checked Nicole’s address once again to be on the safe side of things.

By this point, the kitchen had been on our radar for some time. It was shipped to the Berlin warehouse from the main distribution hub in Salzgitter, which supplies the IKEA’s branches and which, as it happens, is also operated by us on behalf of the Swedish company.

When installation day came around, our kitchen assembly team loaded up the various components and set off to Nicole's apartment taking all the planning documentation and of course the tools they needed – as well as a range of spares, just in case (after all, we had given Nicole an assurance that her kitchen would be ready for use by the end of the day). The team completed the installation works on-time and then used cloths and brooms to ensure that they left the new kitchen in a clean and tidy state. Due to the fact that Rhenus fully satisfied and exceeded Nicole’s demands, she signed the digital record of acceptance on a tablet. This record was then sent to IKEA immediately using the electronic and paperless Track and Trace system.


Later on, while enjoying a pleasant evening with her new colleagues, Nicole realised she had forgotten the wine. The group immediately headed out to the nearest supermarket, while being completely unaware of the link between the missing refreshments and the new kitchen. This is where Rhenus comes into play once again – Rhenus did not only delivery the new kitchen, but is also responsible for ensuring that high quality spirits and wines reach local retailers. Sadly the supermarket was unexpectedly closed, however, Nicole knew a restaurant with an outstanding wine cellar, where she and her friends enjoyed some delicious prawns to accompany the wine. The seafood is transported by inland waterway in one of our refrigerated containers – Nicole's third encounter with Rhenus in just one day!

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