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Energy Logistics

The success of the change in energy policy will play a major role in determining the future of humankind. Faced with finite supplies of fossil fuels, energy generation from renewable sources is one of the most important issues on the political and business agenda in almost every country around the globe. Renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power or biomass, demand new ideas and concepts from logistics experts too. At the same time, during the transitional period, when electricity, fuels and heat still largely come from fossil energy sources, it is essential to manage the flows of combustible fuels for these purposes in line with demand. We have our network and employees available to handle these tasks for energy supply companies so as to guarantee reliable supplies in future too.

Ports as interfaces

Bulk carriers shipping coal from South America, Eastern Europe, Australia or South Africa dock at one of the Rhenus seaport terminals on the North Sea almost every day. Meanwhile, vessels with building components for offshore wind parks are leaving our maritime bases for the open sea more and more frequently. Service and maintenance teams will increasingly set off from these sites in future too. The European inland waterway network and our inland waterway port terminals also serve as interfaces so that bulk commodities and project loads can be transported further inland.

Truck operations for the last mile

Transport concepts, which not only take into account the railway network, but also inland waterways, are often developed because of the huge weight and size of the plant and huge amounts of fuel that are required. Trucks also play their part in completing the logistics chains because of geographical conditions. The final few kilometres are usually handled by road transport services, which we organise for you.

Transhipping with the right equipment

Powerful cranes and conveyor belts are one side of the coin when it comes to transhipping bulk commodities or coal or wood pellets. Suitable conveyor vehicles like wheel loaders and front loaders are the other side – and they convey the fuels to their temporary storage areas or to a different mode of transport for onward shipment. We have the right equipment available for each requirement when handling goods.

Flexible storage facilities

We offer the energy sector a wide range of opportunities to outsource warehouse logistics processes and we provide various value added services too. We work to provide the ideal solution for your warehouse logistics in a customer-oriented, individual and targeted manner: regardless of whether this involves taking over your in-house / production logistics or integrating your warehouse logistics processes at one of our existing multi-user facilities or outsourcing business to a building specially constructed for you (dedicated user approach). We can offer you the right storage facilities for production and spare parts for the wind energy sector, bulk materials like coal or building units made by the solar power industry.

Working on the spot

In addition to safeguarding operating supplies for power stations, we can also support you in accomplishing logistics work at these facilities. Trained personnel, for example, ensure that coaling stations are working properly or operate mixed silos on your site, where the best possible mix of different fuels is provided for power generation. If required, we can also manage the conveyor belt systems within the power stations.

Making heavy-duty shipments look easy

Rhenus is increasingly being called on to act as a services provider for the energy supply industry. Onshore wind turbines, which have to be transported to other continents, or heavy components for offshore projects, which have to be transported to the quayside from inland sites using multi-modal logistics chains, are routine operations for our project specialists. Rhenus makes use of the expertise and capacity available within the whole company group for this purpose.

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