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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

Industrial Logistics & Transport Services

Industrial goods can, for example, be assigned to several categories: raw materials may be liquid goods, semi-finished products may be bulk granular cargo or finished goods may be heavy items that will be further processed by the investment and consumer goods industry. This small, but by no means complete selection shows the wide variety of constellations that logistics expert face when transporting and transhipping products that are also known as industrial goods.

In addition to the different dimensions of the goods, logistics planning work also focuses on the sequence for distributing individual components and the timing of their delivery. Using our expertise and our equipment, we can accommodate your loading requirements in order to develop a supply chain tailored to your needs.

In line with your needs

We transport small precision instruments as easily as extremely heavy building machinery or complete industrial plants. There is no such thing as too small, too large or too heavy for us - thanks to our versatile portfolio, which includes road traffic just like sea and air freight. Are you looking for a partner to procure your components for your suppliers at home and abroad? Or are you looking for just-in-time supplies for the assembly work at your production facility? Do you need domestic and international scheduled routes with fixed departures and delivery times for your distribution needs? Then you have found just the right partner!

Just-in-time to the assembly line

The relations between manufacturers and suppliers can hardly be underestimated for any production process. As an experienced logistics services provider for both sides, we can reconcile the different requirements – and do so for procurement, production and distribution. We support you in these processes, which range from managing and pooling the flows of goods for production lines to providing just-in-time supplies for assembly work and even delivering items.

Our project specialist

Despite all our efforts to always group the individual parts of a product, which consists of several elements, in such a way that they remain as simply as possible to transport, it is not always possible to do so: a rotor blade for an offshore wind turbine remains a rotor blade – and some of them are up to 50 metres long. That is where Rhenus Project Logistics comes in. Our project specialist can make use of the capacity and knowledge of the complete corporate group in order to even transport industrial goods with unusual dimensions or gigantic weights safely to their destination in good time.

Logistics at sea

Container gantry cranes or other huge cranes dominate the skyline at ports all over the world. They enable your goods to be transhipped on board seagoing or inland waterway vessels. Domestic, but particularly international shipments by sea or on rivers/canals are our speciality, because we can make use of our own global network of port terminals or handle these shipments with our partners.

IT as a valuable aid to process controls

Guaranteeing production supplies and providing short delivery times demand well-functioning information and data processing systems if we are going to transport industrial goods to their destination just in time and just in sequence without having to set up substantial warehouse stocks. An electronic order system, for which interfaces can be created with the manufacturer’s in-house systems, regulates the flow of materials to an assembly line, for example. The aim of using IT for this task and others is to actively monitor processes and manage them with the highest possible degree of transparency.

All-round information logistics

Widely differing types and forms of documents and files are the hallmark of the development process for a heavy building machine or a small writing and reading head that is found in the hard drive of a notebook. We work as a competent partner seeking to fulfil your wishes when archiving and digitalising this information and other kinds too. Using our specialist personnel, we can also operate the mail room for your company or dispose of documents, which are surplus to requirements, in our mobile shredder vehicles, in line with data protection regulations.

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