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Archiv Services: Document Archiving and more

We are ideally prepared to handle highly confidential and very sensitive data in our capacity as a specialist in the field of archiving. We guarantee that data protection regulations are consistently followed at our high-security archives, which are equipped with the latest security technology.

Our security archives are geared towards our customers’ most important requirements. We are always in a position to guarantee the security of your documents and information – whether this involves an individual solution or nationwide projects – by working according to the same principle and meeting all the specific customer requirements and fulfilling statutory regulations.

Each archived item, whether it is a single page, a file or an archived goods packaging unit, receives clear markings with a barcode; this is entered in our EDP system together with the storage area. Your index criteria can then be used for research purposes at a later date. Our customers decide the level of detail for the classification of documents: important documents are entered individually, but the more economical group filing system is often adequate for routine procedures. We always store information like the content, cost centres or the anticipated destruction date.

Archiving with the latest IT infrastructure

Our online system for carrying out research and placing orders, which we have developed in-house, enables you to easily place orders for archived documents from your desk – whether they have been stored digitally or as physical items. Our standard service enables us to make available a document or archived item within 24 hours. But we can also deliver the information that you need by fax or scan-on-demand within a very short time using our express service. If we have digitised your documents, you can find them and carry out research directly at your desk using our web archive system.

Advantages of archiving with Rhenus:

  • Saves resources and therefore reduces costs
  • Cuts expenditure on administration
  • Optimised processes thanks to our efficient IT infrastructure
  • Top security levels
  • Professional project management when outsourcing documents

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