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Document Digitalization and more Digitisation Solutions

Companies are always looking for leaner and faster processes in order to improve their competitive edge. They include organising and handling a variety of types of information and documents, which accumulate and are processed every day.
This is where Rhenus enters the scene: as the specialist for document and information logistics, we systematically increase the flexibility and efficiency of business processes by digitising documents and records. This enables us to create the crucial head start for companies that wish to dictate the speed of developments in their business sector. Our range of services in the field of digitisation has a modular structure so that you can use our services in a very specific way at your company.

Digitisation services for you

Declare war on overcomplex processes and floods of data. This is easy to do with our products, because they standardise and optimise your file management processes. The spectrum of Rhenus services offers you digitisation for existing records, e.g. credit documentation, contract files or personnel dossiers. But it is also possible to digitise your incoming mail – for example, invoices, orders, applications – or use complete incoming mail solutions for analogue and digital processes, including validation and archiving.

We analyse and optimise procedures and create far-reaching individual solutions together with you. By systematically digitising, logging, validating, indexing and making available all the relevant documents and information at your company, knowledge becomes available to authorised members of staff. As an expert in the field of digital archiving, we can offer you a very special service known as "scan-on-demand". This enables us to supply you with every record in your filing department, which has been placed in our security archives, in digital form in a matter of minutes.

Data collection and provision

The digitisation of your data is the first step. Converting this data into usable information is the second one. We enter and read out data in line with your standards, compare it with your databases for validation purposes, and make it possible for you to gain access to relevant information either in automated or manual form. Thanks to this all-round processing method, we achieve long-term increases in efficiency compared to conventional procedures – and can either do so in-house, i.e. directly at your business premises, or at one of our certified Rhenus document centres.

As a services provider, we are of course interested in your ideas and use your standards as the foundation for structuring our services. This is the reason why we adapt the supply of data to your infrastructure conditions. Using standardised production systems, we provide data for all the common ECM, DMS and ERP systems – and we can therefore guarantee that the data that is processed is fed directly into your company’s workflows. We use DVDs and hard discs as the storage media – and also an FTP server solution or a standard dial-up or dedicated telephone line as the medium for transferring information. We also loan you an archiving system so that you do not have to make any investments yourself.

You can discover more about our digitising services.

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