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File Management

Even in times of the paperless office, the heaps of files are apparently not shrinking. Particularly in the last few years, authorities and private companies have tended to increase the amount of their paper-based documents and to create them in a graphically more sophisticated way. For companies, file management has become a real logistics problem. Which files must be retained, and in which form and for how long? This traditional question of file management is accompanied by modern issues all around the topic of digital archiving. These modern options can help alleviate the labourious process of file management. All in all it is, however, more expedient to care for the outsourcing of the complete file management in order to be able to work with all files in a legally compliant and action-competent manner.

Added values for your outsourced file management:

  • Freed-up resources
  • Cutting-edge security archives
  • Efficient file management
  • Compliance with all legal provisions
  • All-time digital access to all files in addition to the physical access

Challenges of the in-house file management

The management of files presents ever-increasing challenges for the companies. One of the biggest challenges already starts with the provision of proper storage rooms. Apart from the need for providing ample storage space, requirements including, for example, the prevention of damage from water and fire are to be met. The rooms must also be additionally protected against access by unauthorized persons. All this means high initial costs for the purchase of professional security systems and ongoing costs for renting the rooms. The increasing number of documents to be managed furthermore requires the continuous expansion of the storage rooms, and this goes hand in hand with a rapidly growing demand for a professional management system. Important documents can be lost unless the files are managed according to a defined system. At this point already, the requirements for a professional and, above all, legally compliant file management confront the majority of the companies with almost unsolvable problems.

On top of this there is the staff required for the control and support of the file management. These persons must be specifically trained in file handling and compliance with the legal requirements. In this context, the legal retention periods in particular play a decisive role but also questions such as "Which persons may look at which files?" and "How can it be ensured that removed files are returned to their designated place in the archive and do not disappear in the drawer of the respective person in charge?" are essential challenges for a professional file management.

File management: Advantages by outsourcing

The requirements for correct file management are so complex that lay persons quickly feel overstrained. This, in turn, causes companies to retain the files far beyond their legal retention periods which, however, is often neither advisable nor necessary, given that further capacities are thus tied up unnecessarily. Therefore, it is only reasonable to put the file management into the hands of a service provider specialized in file management.

Thanks to the optimized processes and the expertise, many of the activities which would take lay persons a lot of time and resources, are carried out very quickly and in a target-oriented manner. Similarly, all the costs associated with the installation of racking systems in the in-house archive, etc. are saved. Entrusting your file management to us, the Rhenus Office Systems, means you are working with a service provider who efficiently satisfies all requirements. In other words, the entire file management process will be performed in a cost and time saving manner by using standardized structures. By doing so, you will free up essential resources which you can invest in your core business in a more profitable manner.

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