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Hospital Logistics

If a person becomes ill, it is usually necessary to act fast: people need examinations at a doctor’s practice or in hospital, medical equipment is used and medication is often needed to treat them. But the health care sector is increasingly facing huge pressure to reduce costs and has to find ways of making savings on expenditure. We support health centres so that they can curb their costs and make daily work easier for medical personnel too. We guarantee the highest quality levels and ensure uninterrupted supplies in the hospital logistics business. Our extensive knowledge of products is backed up by strict quality guidelines and regular audits by independent outside certification companies.

Hospital logistics with Rhenus

Our high-tech logistics specialist within the Rhenus Group plans, transports and supports you in the sensitive medical engineering market – ranging from dental equipment to optical devices. Our trained employees not only deliver medical devices, but also perform the installation work – for example, for diagnosis and laboratory equipment. We deliver large devices like computed tomography scanners, x-ray machines and magnetic resonance imaging systems around the globe almost on a daily basis – and hook them up, if this is required. If necessary, we also look after the dismantling and return of old machinery and manage the recycling processes.

Integrated hospital logistics for the health care sector

Our hospital logistics concepts enable us to organise, improve and manage your supply chains. Our hospital logistics experts provide logistics services for the health care sector, research institutes and universities. If required, we actively manage your processes on the spot and ensure that you can then focus on your core expertise, getting patients well again. For example, we deliver ultra-sound machines for demonstration purposes. Our personnel not only set up the machines, but also check that they function properly, carefully clean the probes after they have been used and then refill the probe case with consumable items.

Rhenus Eonova

We are able to reduce costs in hospital logistics in the long term by standardising items, reducing sourcing costs and material consumption and modernising the storage processes. We design supply chains with our customers, offer integrated logistics solutions and therefore increase the level of transparency between the manufacturer and the supplier, in-patient and out-patient care centres and make it easier to supply medical items directly to households.

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