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Office 2020: Document management of the future

In Europe, it is estimated that over 140,000 heart valve operations are carried out every year, an average of more than 500 per day. So is this the daily routine in dozens of hospitals? On the contrary, replacing a heart valve is a complicated operation every single time.

Rhenus Health-Tech Services has to make sure that the right heart valve is delivered at the right moment to the hospital where the operation will take place. In addition, Rhenus Health-Tech Services ensures that the valuable heart valves are in stock, registers the orders and the returns as well as being responsible for all the related financial arrangements.
Rhenus Health-Tech Services is thus responsible for the total supply chain for heart valve operations.

With its activities, Rhenus Health-Tech Services seamlessly answers the needs in the area of medical technology and devices. Rhenus Health-Tech Services supplies all logistical and order processing, whether it concerns heart valves or MRI scanners. Flexibility is key. Sales peaks are completely absorbed and Rhenus Health-Tech Services also delivers, for example, the corresponding data of its goods transactions that is needed by its client's tax representative. The customer support department of Rhenus Health-Tech Services informs clients about e.g. delivery times, and can also answer questions about products. This gives clients enough room to concentrate fully on their own product development and marketing activities.

Interview with Jens Kumbrink - Managing Director of Rhenus Office Systems about „Digital Change“

Digitalisation is unstoppable: digital change brings acceleration across all industries and processes. And digital change means radical change - for markets, technology, people and society. It requires a profound transformation of the business for all national and international companies.

The Interview


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