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Procurement Logistics

Providing materials meticulously synchronized with vehicle production is a challenge in the automotive industry. Every day we collect production parts from our customers’ suppliers, bundle them at the nearest consolidation point and distribute them to the point of use. We deliver partial and full loads, operate milk run concepts or take over regional forwarding to find the ideal transportation solutions. JIT- and JIS deliveries from our warehouses to our customer’s production facilities are planned in detail to guarantee the best solution regarding load security, fast loading and unloading and optimally timed operation.

  • Regional forwarding
  • Cross docking
  • JIT-/JIS supply
  • Milk runs
  • Partial and full loads

Plant logistics

Our customers’ state-of-the-art production processes require minimal line-side inventory and also 100% security of supply. We support our customers to meet this target! Our competencies cover goods receiving, just-in-time delivery to various production units and the return of empties. We are very familiar with the specific characteristics of component parts production, press shops, body shops and general assembly operations. We support the vision to have a forklift-free factory with innovative tugger train concepts. After the return of empties to the central collection spot we take over the processing, inventory management and handling of these important packing materials owned by the supplier.

  • Handling of goods receiving processes in the customer plant
  • Operation of in-plant supermarkets
  • Line feeding in component production, press shop, body shop, and final assembly
  • Application of demand oriented supply concepts
  • Handling, processing and transport of empties

Logistics and assembly centers

With our help customers can focus completely on their key competencies – usually the production of automobiles. We take over several activities, for example: goods receiving, warehouse management and production line feeding – delivering vehicle parts, components and complete modules. In our own warehouse and assembly facilities we prepare production material in sequence, assemble various vehicle modules, and feed our customers’ final assembly line. Our IT infrastructure guarantees a minimal ppm ratio and a 100% traceability of part numbers and production parameters.

The complexity of the assembly process varies from simple manual operations to the complete assembly of powertrain modules including the engine, transmission, axles, suspension, corner module and related parts. We always operate close to our customers, either right on their premises or in the immediate proximity. We transport the production material via trucks, carts, or directly via a conveyor connection to the customer’s assembly line.

  • Goods receiving, warehousing and production line feeding
  • Sequencing, kitting and pre-assembly
  • Quality management and traceability
  • Planning, financing, construction, operation, maintenance and continuous improvement of assembly lines

Distribution logistics

With the increasing globalization of production processes the ideal packaging and professional organization of after-sales processes are critical to successfully satisfy the final customer. Due to long provision periods, a 100% stable part supply and high protection standards for parts by ideal packaging and load security solutions are basic requirements.

Customized solutions to supply the right material at the right time and quality are one of our key competencies. Our range of services covers the requirements of the classic dispatch warehouse and also special solutions such as part-by-part, completely knocked down kits, and after-sales parts.

  • Spare parts warehouse (including variant-based assembly solutions)
  • Part-by-part forwarding
  • CKD, MKD and SKD
  • Dispatch warehouses

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