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Customs Services - Rhenus Netherlands


Direct access to the airside platform from one of the newest airfreight handling facilities at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol gives Rhenus Air & Ocean a big advantage. As such, we are part of a select group of companies that has managed to achieve this. This means that we can respond very quickly to customer inquiries. Last-minute shipments brought in to one of the seven regions can be processed by the end of the afternoon and delivered through a feeder service to Schiphol, where our employees consolidate the shipment. Fixed agreements with carriers and airlines ensure that freight space is always available with them.


A key aspect of this network is our commitment to staying at the forefront of new developments. For example, we have an X-ray scanner to scan airfreight shipments for security screening purposes. But we are also a long-standing pilot partner for Customs and other government agencies. Together with Customs, we test the newest opportunities in import and export, especially now that paper documents in the chain are slowly becoming obsolete. This experience will help us in handling your customs clearance requirements as smoothly as possible and in further integrating and creating a more transparent chain. Efficiency in this regard cuts both ways: you reap the fruits of this endeavour, and Rhenus becomes a more attractive airfreight partner.

Nuclear Detection

Nuclear detection will be optimally integrated into the logistical chain for outbound cargo at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, in such a way that the Customs office can ensure correct processing in case of a radiation alert. The nuclear detection gates are located at Rhenus Air & Ocean at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. All our outbound cargo – which arrives in our facilities from cargo handling companies - will be checked. Customs operators in the Central Command Post will permanently and accurately monitor all passing goods. In the event of a radiation alert, the vehicle will immediately be stopped and inspected by Customs officers and/or the Department of Transport.

Shiphol SmartGate Cargo

Rhenus Air & Ocean is part of the Schiphol SmartGate Cargo project. The Program Schiphol SmartGate Cargo (SSGC) is a joint initiative by the Tax Administration/Customs, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Air Cargo Netherlands and KLM Cargo. They are all participants in the public-private collaboration on Security and Public Safety at Schiphol Airport, which is also the promoter of the program. The aim is to achieve a smooth logistics process at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Therefore the most modern technology in scanning and detection equipment is being used. The big advantage to logistics service providers is to have a smooth flow of their shipments.

The goal is to achieve a safer, faster, more efficient and cost effective cargo handling as well as a close collaboration concerning monitoring, speed, safety and reliability within the air cargo chain.

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