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QESHC Rhenus Quality


Providing our customers with first-rate service would be impossible without the contributions from our highly-motivated people. Our high-quality services are dependent upon our employees having the right qualifications and receiving targeted training.

High-quality products and services are essential to customer satisfaction. Comprehensive quality assurance systems combined with employees dedicated to achieving the highest standards ensure that we meet the most exacting requirements.

To comply with legal and ethical standards, we insist on a high level of personal integrity from each and every one of our staff. Detailed rules on conduct are set out in the Corporate Compliance brochure.


Service quality is our number-one priority, both externally and internally. We work on it every day: with a clear organizational structure and clear competencies, in quality groups, at training courses, in further education, certifications and audits, and with modern software and statistical methods for the systematic analysis of weak spots.

Depending on the requirement profile, our companies and warehouses are certificated according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TAPA-A and also in accordance with other internationally valid standards. We constantly control our partners, because we only cooperate long-term with companies that meet our quality requirements.


As part of society, we are committed to enhancing the common good as well as helping to conserve natural resources and protect the environment. We do not regard economics and ecology as mutually exclusive – finding the best way of meeting both requirements is a crucial part of the way we do business.

Recycling old sales and transport packaging can save natural resources and therefore protect the environment. Producers and retailers now expect waste to be properly recycled.  Packaging materials are picked up as waste from central warehouses or company branches and are transported in a professional manner for recycling by certified disposal companies.

A logistics services provider’s enterprising way of doing business can also contribute to protecting the environment. Rhenus insists on using efficient processes, the shortest routes and handling resources carefully in all its business areas. This enables Rhenus to lower costs, satisfy its customers’ requirements and play its part in protecting the environment, all at the same time.

The Rhenus freight forwarding building at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been designed to allow plenty of natural light from the facade and from the roof combined with daylight-controlled lighting. The stone in the façade was dry stacked and is easily recyclable. On the roof 500 sqm of PV solar panels were placed to provide energy to the offices.


Every type of transportation or logistics activity requires energy – whether it is a truck route, forklift truck operations or a crane working at a port – and therefore causes emissions. Therefore, Rhenus is continually working to find better solutions: avoiding empty runs, fully exploiting existing facilities, linking modes of transportation in an intelligent manner and using environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Rhenus is playing its part in protecting the environment: the sustainable logistics concepts that we have in place are an efficient tool through which Rhenus supports its customers in keeping their products’ carbon footprint as small as possible.

Safety and Health

Rhenus makes employee safety its top priority. All the Rhenus business sites aim to provide well‑founded work and health environments. For this purpose, we factor in and manage the risks that have been identified within our corporate policy and our company goals.

Our central occupational health and safety organisation supports the individual business sites in fulfilling the statutory requirements on safety and health protection. All the business sites can prove that they comply with their obligation to organize their operations and business processes in line with health and safety requirements. A central department manages all health and safety activities within the Rhenus Group and supports our business sites with regard to all the relevant issues. An emergency coordinator is appointed within the organisation and he or she can be reached round the clock by all managers and employees.

We assess the risks to employees and derive the necessary measures from this process: we pay attention to the correct clothing, fire protection, safety markings, noise, light and room temperatures. We analyse work stations with screens. Our carefully selected company medical officers provide us with valuable information to offer even better health and safety at work.


The Rhenus Air & Ocean’s business operations are subject to many national and international laws. Every employee is responsible for complying with these laws, regardless of their position or location.

The principles set out in the Corporate Compliance guideline and ‘Gedragscode Nederland’ form the basis for acting in accordance with these laws and regulations but do not cover every conceivable situation or describe every relevant rule or regulation.

The Rhenus Corporate Compliance principles and ‘Gedragscode Nederland’ are intended to provide employees guidance in their daily work and help to prevent inappropriate behaviour. Accordingly, they aim to highlight the issues they are most likely to encounter in their day-to-day activities. Above all that, all employees should familiarise themselves with the relevant principles and, if in doubt, should seek advice from their supervisor/manager, the legal department or the Rhenus Compliance Officer.

Every supervisor, manager and every employee must demonstrate personal integrity ensuring that the Corporate Compliance principles and ‘Gedragscode Nederland’ are embedded in the corporate culture.

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