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Your contact persons at RHEGREEN:

Rhenus RHEGREEN Contact1


Title: Quality Manager, employee of Rhenus Group since 1998.

I am responsible for the implementation of and compliance with ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) TAPA-A (security) and IATA CEIV Pharma standards, claims and complaints handling, execution and supervision of internal and external audits.

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Title: Procurement & Product development air, employee of the Rhenus Group since 1996.

I am responsible for maintaining relationships and contacts with the airlines for the purchase of airfreight. This includes concluding and drawing up short and long term contracts, investigating and renewing airfreight routes and possibilities and maintaining ICT rates and schedules systems.

Why did you participate in the Rhevo project?
The Rhevo project is a corporate initiative with the goal to revolutionize the logistics industry by establishing market-creating, sustainable and customer-centric innovations. Since we are both passionate about RHEGREEN, we felt that Rhevo would give us the opportunity to get the necessary attention and funding to translate the idea into something tangible that could be introduced to the market as the first CO2 reduction service.

What was your motivation for RHEGREEN?
At Rhenus, we want to measure all our suppliers on their environmental performance. Since airlines are our largest suppliers and emit the most CO2, we looked for ways to make the environmental performance comparable and eventually concluded that we could do this best based on the type aircraft they use on a certain route.

What do you want to achieve with RHEGREEN?
With RHEGREEN, we want to make customers aware that they have a choice to reduce the CO2 emissions of their shipment by choosing a certain aircraft and thus certain carrier at a destination. Moreover, that this choice makes a considerable difference to a cleaner world. Ultimately, this should lead to awareness throughout the entire logistics chain and among airlines. Wouldn’t it be great if the RHEGREEN CO2 calculation method becomes the standard for airfreight worldwide?

How do you see the collaboration with customers?
The main objective is to create awareness with our customer that they can make a conscious decision to send their airfreight shipments with less CO2 emissions.

We can provide our customers, both in advance and afterwards, with insight into how much CO2 they are reducing by making the most environmentally friendly choice. In collaboration with our customers, we can add further destinations to our current list.

What are your objectives with RHEGREEN?
We want to be able to offer RHEGREEN worldwide to all destinations and origins and want 50% of all Rhenus consolidation destinations offered on sustainable flights.

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