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Construction new facility

Rhenus Contract Logistics is pleased to announce the construction of our new facility in Tilburg, the Netherlands. 
Over the last couple of years, Rhenus has doubled in both customers and volumes. With the positive internal and external developments, a choice was made for a new facility to accommodate continuous growth. Rhenus partnered with Dokvast and Heembouw to design a futuristic, unique warehouse.
The construction of the sustainable distribution center (DC) has been launched in the industrial area known as ‘Het Laar’ in Tilburg. The new site has a total surface area of approximately 60,500 m² of which circa 40,000 m² warehouse space and 16,000 m² mezzanine floors (VAL area). These floors can be extended with an additional 15.000 m².

Key facts and figures
• 45 loading docks
• Bonded entrepot e warehouse – AEO certified
• 60,500 m² surface
• 40,000 m² warehouse space
• 4,500 m² office space
• Heated completely without gas
• 16,000 m² mezzanine space (with option to expand with another 15,000 m2)
• Decontamination area
• BREEAM outstanding score (highest level rating)
• GDP compliant
• Solar panels
• Polycarbonate windows for natural daylight
• ISO  9001, 14001, 13485 & 28000 certified
• ESFR sprinkler system
• 100% dimmable led lighting with motion / daylight detection





Design of new construction Tilburg
Rhenus Contract Logistics

What is remarkable about the design is the special elliptical shape and overall presence of glass, which allows as much daylight as possible to enter the building. The large awning created by the shape of the building on the south side acts as a sunblind for the office and the VAS floors behind it ensuring a pleasant work environment.

The combination of the shape, light and natural color of the material evokes the image of a high-tech futuristic object that is being built along the A58 highway. This makes our new site one of a kind in the Netherlands!

The building is further characterized by flexibility and a classification by the compartmentation, high floor loading, 45 dock doors.



Landscape architecture

In general, landscape architecture focuses on the relationship between the people and the environment. As people have become more aware of the importance of nature preservation, it is moving to the forefront when designing a new facility.
The architect responsible for the landscape design of the new Rhenus site had two major goals in mind: to select the right plants in order to  re-establish the local flora and to create appealing outdoor recreation areas to be enjoyed by the staff.
A historical study of maps from the area was performed. The landscape architect investigated that, from an historical perspective, the landscape should originate with plants from the local grounds. The idea was to ensure that the flora around the site has a natural look.
There are few areas outside where the employees will take breaks and enjoy the green oasis. There is a certain correlation indicating that having more green areas has a pleasant effect on ones state of mind.  Additionally, such areas will encourage more social interaction between the employees.

The green framework is extended along the south side of the building where the trees create a green intermission in the parking lot. The solitary currant trees which bloom throughout the year will always ensure beautiful colour. The den, known as the food tree for a wide range of birds, will also enrich the outdoor experience in the gardens.
The landscape architecture designed for the A58 site will be a spectacular ornamentation and positive social factor while contributing to the growth of the natural, local flora.

Photographs of construction

Construction most sustainable DC in Europe

Construction new Tilburg facility

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