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Contract Logistics - ICT Solutions

ICT Solutions

ICT plays a significant role in connecting the various supply chains. Information processing and real-time tracking of goods are a requirement for all of our customers. Rhenus Contract Logistics provides a full package of tools to help you manage your orders, inventory, duties, value added services and inbound/outbound shipments. Our operational, tactical and strategic systems are all integrated in order to interface with customer enterprise resource planning applications and other external systems such as delivery management systems (DMS). Our IT systems embrace the latest technology and are continually being improved so that we can manage the movement of goods precisely and shape these processes in a transparent way for all those involved. All execution systems are owned by Rhenus and are hosted by a Rhenus owned data centre.

Reporting Capabilities

Rhenus advanced IT systems and infrastructure provides reports and data to help optimize business planning and decision making. We continuously monitor inventory throughput on SKU level to optimize warehouse and storage layout, resulting in increased productivity, higher efficiency and cost-effective operations. Our warehouse inventory and order management system monitors by lot, serial and batch control, expiry date control and administrative quarantine process.

Rhenus Contract Logistics has invested in an ERP solution through which we support the front and back office activities that Rhenus carries out for its customers. Rhenus processes sales orders from end users, sales representatives and commercial distributors, directly into ERP. This ensures our customers of an accurate financial and auditor report. The ERP is seamlessly interfaced with our Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transport Management System (TMS). These interfaces enable our customers to create the most comprehensive reports on demand.

Track & Trace

The ability to track consignments and link our programs with your ERP software helps to ensure a rapid exchange of information and real time supply chain visibility. By linking our systems communication between Rhenus and its principals and between our principals and their customers becomes more pro-active and up to date.

Next to a direct link, Rhenus Contract Logistics offers also a web based track and trace system which enables our customers to have full transparency in every link in their supply chain, varying from order receipt up to delivery at the final destination anywhere in the world. 

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