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QESHC - Quality Management

Quality Management

The culture of Rhenus Contract Logistics can be best described as open and continuously searching for opportunities to improve. This culture is formalized into our QESHC Management, the systematic approach to continually improve our Quality, Environment, Security, Health & Safety and Business Continuity performance.

The QESHC department works closely with the rest of the organisation to assure compliance to the different standards related to QESHC and to continually improve the organisation’s ability to meet requirements and achieve its goals.

The QESHC management system follows the High Level Structure that has become the new standard for ISO management systems over the last few years, yet remains flexible to adapt to other standards where the HLS cannot yet be applied, such as the ISO 13485 and CFR21 Part 820 (FDA Quality System Requirements).

Although separate parts can be referred to as the Quality Management System or the Security Management System, they are not set up as separate systems. There is one QESHC Management System that encompasses all elements related to Quality, Environment, Security, Health & Safety and Business Continuity.  

QESHC Policy

It is our policy, regarding all matters related to QESHC, to;

  • Meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and other interested parties;
  • Comply with applicable legislation, government statutes and regulations;
  • Maintain the effectiveness of the QESHC management system;
  • Set, monitor and review clear QESHC objectives and maintain yearly QESHC programs;
  • Take corrective and preventive actions when improvement is needed or possible (continual improvement);
  • Identify and eliminate or (when elimination is not feasible) minimize all risks related to QESHC;
  • Keep people, products and information safe and secure;
  • Prevent injury and ill health to workers and to provide a safe and healthy work environment;
  • Commit to worker participation and consultation;
  • Take social responsibility regarding our place in the supply chain and in the community;
  • Protect the environment and prevent pollution by minimizing energy consumption, residual waste and maintaining (where possible) paperless warehouse activities, as well as by working with sustainable suppliers.


We aim to contribute to the success of our customers through commitment, operational excellence, compliance and continual improvement.

Risk Management and Continual Improvement (Plan-Do-Check-Act) are at the heart of our quality management system, with a clear aim to meet or exceed the expectations and requirements of our stakeholders.

With a strong “quality at the source” approach, we understand and acknowledge the roll and importance of each employee in achieving compliance and operational excellence. As such, we have a strong focus on operator awareness, participation and consultation in achieving our quality objectives.

The “quality at the source” approach is not limited to operational aspects but also focusses on work environment and maintaining a sustainable workforce.

By creating and maintaining a high level of partnership with our clients, we are able to combine robust processes with a high level of customization that suits the specific needs of each client. This partnership allows us to continually and jointly monitor compliance and process performance and, to take immediate action when rapid and sustainable change is needed to improve processes or to (continue to) meet specific requirements.

Our quality policy is as follows:

  • Quality is the most important competitive strength of Rhenus Contract Logistics;
  • Rhenus Contract Logistics strives to gain and continuously strengthen the trust invested in the company by its customers, by continuously developing and improving its processes and by ensuring adherence to all government statutes and regulations;
  • This objective demands of each employee, a correct and punctual task performance and an active effort to deliver optimal quality of service;
  • The most important objective for each employee is to actively contribute to the continuous improvement of all services provided by Rhenus Contract Logistics.

Specific quality objectives are established and are part of the yearly business plan. These objectives are realistic, verifiable and consistent with the company’s quality policy.


Rhenus Contract Logistics continually aims to understand, acknowledge and reduce the direct and indirect impact of our activities on the environment. In doing so, we strive to continually comply with all applicable government statutes and regulations. 

Our environment management system focusses on preventing environmental pollution and to continuously improve our environmental performance.

The main areas of attention are:

  • Sustainable BREEAM outstanding certified facilities
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Proper separation of waste
  • Reducing the amount of waste and materials consumption
  • Sustainable procurement of products and services (suppliers selection on environmental policy)
  • Maintaining good working relations with local and national authorities to assure compliance

Safety & Security

The supply chain security management system allows us to adequately prepare for and react to events that could potentially present a threat to people, information and assets.

The system focusses on organisational, (infra-)structural and technical aspects from a risk based approach and embraces the “security at the source” concept, understanding that security awareness is one of the key imperatives in achieving a secure and safe supply chain for people, information and product.

All security measures and activities of Rhenus Contract Logistics comply with local and national laws, statutes and regulations. In addition our all our warehouse facilities are ISO 28000 certified, guaranteeing the highest level of security.

For security management, as with the other aspects of QESHC management, a clear Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle is in place that allows us to continually meet requirements and improve our security performance and readiness to respond to (potential) security threats. 


Our Health management system aims to remove or reduce risks to the health, safety and welfare of all workers, visitors and anyone else who may be affected by our business operations.

All of our facilities, equipment and activities comply with national and EU government statutes and regulations related to occupational health and safety and are made available, based on their ability to assure that all work activities are done safely.

With a clear focus on risk assessments (including accident and near accident reporting) and continual improvement, the occupational health and safety management system allows us to reduce employee absenteeism, commit to worker participation and consultation and, to create and maintain a safe and pleasant work environment for all of our employees and visitors. 

Business continuity

As part of our ongoing endeavors for quality, safety, health and green logistics, Rhenus invests in sustainable operations and business continuity management systems to assure timely availability of primary business processes in case of any calamity, and a safe working environment for our staff.

Our business continuity management system allows us to continually increase our ability to effectively respond to threats to our primary processes. The business continuity management system focusses on any event that can disrupt our business processes and is not limited to a fixed set of calamities.

At the basis of our business continuity management system, is a comprehensive business impact analysis to assure effective preventive and response measures. The ability of the organisation to respond to calamities is tested on a regular basis. The outcome of such tests (and any other data that is relevant to the performance of the business continuity management system) is used to continually improve the preparedness of our organisation to disruptive events.

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