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Contract Logistics - Customs Services


The discontinuation of customs inspections within the European Union has significantly simplified the movement of goods between member states. But global transport chains often go beyond the outer borders of the EU nowadays. Production sites are located in Asia; and the USA, China, Switzerland and the Russian Federation are important trading partners of the EU. Professional customs clearance and a profound knowledge of specific regulations are indispensable to ensure that goods are shipped quickly and smoothly. The Customs Department within Rhenus Contract Logistics supervises the shipment of your goods beyond national borders.

Some of the requirements set by national authorities are very high and even express shipments can be delayed by minor problems. Professional customs clearance is all the more important. We have had decades of experience working as an international services provider. We can take over all the relevant administrative tasks, both for customers with their headquarters in the EU or outside the European single market – up to and including fiscal representation. As a result, we create clear competitive advantages, because we can make carriage paid deliveries to your customers in the EU.

Rhenus Contract Logistics provides their expertise on services as;


  • Import & export documentation
  • Custom clearance
  • Bonded warehousing type C/E
  • Import duty reporting
  • VAT reporting
  • Intrastat reporting

In addition, Rhenus Contract Logistics’ operating facilities are type C/E bonded warehouses and are licensed as AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) offering the highest level of flexibility in receiving and shipping products.

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