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Update: 25 January 2021 

Brexit solutions

In the first weeks after Brexit, we must conclude that the flow of goods to and from the United Kingdom (UK) does not run smoothly. We see that shippers, importers, carriers and customs organisations find it difficult to follow the correct, sometimes changing, procedures. This causes long delays and sometimes it is even impossible to get goods to the right place. Also for us. This is mainly to do with the clearance processes.

The British government recently offered importers the option of clearing their shipments imported from the European Union (EU) at a later date. This is a temporary measure to prevent further delays.

The Rhenus Freight Network has decided to implement the ‘delayed declaration’ scheme as much as possible in order to commence the efficient flow of goods going again.

In practice, this means that Rhenus Logistics UK can 'simply' deliver the shipments they receive from the EU via the ‘delayed declaration’ process to the recipient.
The importer is responsible for clearing the shipment, but this does not have to take place before the physical delivery. This can be done at a later time, but no later than 6 months after the shipment has been delivered.

For this solution, the EORI number of your UK importer is important. We kindly request you to share this EORI number with us for all your export groupage shipments to the UK, preferably on your commercial invoice. Rhenus Road will use the EORI number of the importer in the communication with the colleagues of Rhenus Logistics UK, so they know that for this specific shipment the 'delayed declaration' solution is used.

It is also possible for the importer to clear the shipments directly. For these shipments, we need a so-called ‘Pre-Lodgement’ document of this shipment in advance.  This documentation will be added to the communication with Rhenus Logistics UK.

We must emphasize that this is a temporary solution, which will expire on 1 July 2021. We will support our customers in the coming weeks in setting up the necessary and sometimes specific customs processes. ALS Customs Services, our sister company specialising in customs processes, will support us in this process. If you have shipments to the UK, we will contact you soon to offer you a tailor-made solution for your requirements.

If you have any questions or you need more clarification about the ‘delayed declaration’, please contact your Account Manager or your contact person at Rhenus.

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