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We are an experienced logistics service provider for entrepreneurs in the fashion and lifestyle sector. Nobody understands how the rapidly changing market affects these sectors better than we do. At Rhenus Road, we are fully aware of how vitally important the continual development, innovation and optimisation of our services is for our clients. This constant improvement is essential for tackling the recurring challenges faced by our clients and taking all their worries off their hands.

One area in which Rhenus is optimising its logistics services is the blurring of the lines between physical and online retail. Other trends that we anticipate on behalf of our clients in the fashion and lifestyle sectors are new consumer and production markets, faster and more frequent introduction of new items, the reduction in transport of hanging clothes and the increasing demand for preparation of consignments for distribution in the country of origin.  

Efficient management of the clothing chain

These developments require a flexible, IT-driven and rapidly responding vertical chain. One which is not only efficient to manage but also gives the client full insight into it. Rhenus Road possesses all of the tools and knowledge needed to determine the correct strategy and methods for transport, logistics/warehousing and distribution. To boost efficiency in routing, stock management, pick & pack and distribution, you can monitor all stages in the chain via a central dashboard for your supply chain manager. This enables your supply chain manager to optimally manage the chain, save on back-office activities and quickly respond to market trends and influences.

Identifying all of your specific needs
If the scenario above applies to you, if you face similar challenges and if you are interested in the services that Rhenus Road can provide, please feel free to contact us. We can then identify your specific needs and wishes and offer a tailor-made solution.

Fast Fashion Transport Turkey

For many years, Turkey has been a leading nation in the production of clothing for the Dutch market. Since 2008, Rhenus Road kept a close track on the trend in which production activities were transferred from Turkey to a variety of Asian countries. The main reason for this trend were the lower wage costs in these Asian countries. Yet interestingly in 2011 the production of clothing in Turkey again began to increase notably, resulting in clothing being transported more often from there to the Netherlands. The Dutch fashion sector is fond of Turkey due to the shorter lead times for orders, the lower minimum order amounts, the simpler customs procedures and lower transport costs compared to Asian countries, especially those in the Far East.  

Suitable road transport services to and from Turkey
As Rhenus Road identified this development at a very early stage, we are able to fully capitalise upon it. As a result, we now offer optimal services based on fast road transport links to and from Turkey.

The fashion sector places unique demands on logistics service providers, which is how businesses in this sector distinguish themselves from those in the general cargo segment. Rhenus Road knows these wishes and requirements through and through, so if our clients say their shops need to be restocked with new items before weekend sales begin, then we can make this promise. If an extremely short lead time is required for transport from Turkey, we take action to ensure this is met. For these purposes, we have developed a rapid service known as Fast Fashion Transport.

Fast Fashion Transport
Clients who make use of our Fast Fashion Transport service are guaranteed that their consignment of items will be sent from Istanbul and Izmir to the Netherlands within four days. In practice, this means clothing produced by Saturday afternoon in Turkey will be delivered to our clients in the Netherlands by the following Wednesday. Such initiatives ensure that our clients can sort and distribute the items before the weekend and restock their physical and online shops by Friday at the latest.  

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