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Pharma & Healthcare

The standards within our portfolio of services are dictated by our high degree of responsibility towards those requiring pharmaceutical products or medical engineering equipment. We comply with the statutory requirements of national markets when we act as a specialist partner. Tasks assigned to us by industry are carried out with the necessary expertise and care along the complete supply chain.

Transporting active ingredients around the globe

The active ingredients for many pharmaceutical products, including headache medication, come from Asia. We will supply you with the liquid or solid Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) by seagoing vessel, allowing further processing in Europe, for example. Medical engineering goods move in the opposite direction through our global network of business sites and partners, by air freight if required, improving the ability of doctors to diagnose diseases across the world.

Pharmaceutical manufacturer’s and wholesale dealer’s license

Successful pharmaceutical logistics is largely defined by the need to comply with the most stringent regulations. Therefore our company-wide GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) quality assurance system and ISO 13485 are used at all our warehouses that supply production facilities. We have the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s and wholesale dealer’s license required in Germany, which obliges us to work in line with the GDP (Good Distribution Practice) guidelines and allows us to process secondary packaging materials. The clean-room cabinets at our logistics centers enable our trained employees to take samples and so prevent glitches in your supply chain that would trigger additional costs.

Highest standards for our truck equipment and availability is decisive

When it comes to transporting pharmaceuticals, we only work with our preferred partner program service providers and carriers, who meet the highest technical specifications in terms of equipment. This has to comply with the latest standards to maintain the cold chain, particularly for temperature-controlled traffic in this sector. Loading area cleanness is also subject to constant checks.

We provide extensive transport services using our existing European network; we comply with the highest quality standards and adhere to the requirements and benchmarks applicable to the sector (SQAS, ISO 9001 and 14001). Our network can also transport nearly all hazardous substances, barring a few exceptions. Do you need dry ice? Then get in touch with us!

Our high-tech specialist service uses its expertise and proper apparatus to safely distribute laboratory and diagnosis equipment, since their sensitivity calls for great care when conveying and transshipping them. Rhenus Midi Data technical staff can also install medical engineering products at medical practices and hospitals.

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