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An investment in innovation: an introduction to the digital business unit at Rhenus Office Systems

As part of the ongoing digital transformation in all areas of business, Rhenus Office Systems, the specialist for document and information logistics, is continuing to strengthen its operations and acquired all the shares in IOS Informations- und Organisations-Systeme GmbH on 1 September. This acquisition also includes a 51 percent stake in the IOS subsidiary SYNIOS Document & Workflow Management GmbH. The resulting gain in expertise and market presence in the health care and public sectors will enable customers to obtain complex and well-integrated complete solutions for physical and digital data flows from one source.

The strategic decision to acquire IOS and SYNIOS is a response to customers' demands for a stronger all-round digital approach. In addition to managing physical and digitised documents, the administration and use of data originally created in digital form is playing an increasingly important role in the work of Rhenus Office Systems. Jens Kumbrink, a member of the management team at Rhenus Office Systems, explains the reason for the acquisition. "As a result of the takeover of IOS and our majority stake in SYNIOS, we’re gaining experienced employees and new IT solutions, which will enable us to cope with hybrid data flows and large volumes of data.”

This new acquisition of successful specialists provides long-term impetus to Rhenus' forward-looking market orientation. The need to continually develop is particularly the result of the current general conditions in the digital world, legal requirements, hybrid media disruptions and inefficient document and information processes. IOS and SYNIOS, which are pioneers of digital transformation, have been focusing on these issues for a long time in their solutions for the health care industry and the public sector.

As a service-oriented provider, Rhenus Office Systems will in future continue to uphold its digital responsibility in order to support its customers as an innovative driving force.

About Rhenus Office Systems
Rhenus Office Systems GmbH provides systematic services for domestic
and international document logistics; they range from incoming mail to digitisation and archiving and even include data destruction and making available specialist personnel. Rhenus Office Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rhenus Group, which is a logistics services provider with global business operations and annual turnover of EUR 4.6 billion. Rhenus has more than 500 business sites worldwide and employs over 26,000 people. The Rhenus business areas – Contract Logistics, Freight Logistics and Port Logistics – manage complex supply chains and provide a wealth of innovative value-added services.

About IOS
IOS GmbH, which was founded in 1988, has been providing specialist services for information and process management in the German-speaking world for more than 25 years. Its consultancy work aims to efficiently introduce process optimisation in the fields of document management and information procedures by using integrated software applications and digitisation services upstream and downstream. This innovative strategy is based on a full assessment of requirements, the use of design thinking and a focus on consistent project management.

The core business of SYNIOS GmbH has focused on the individual realisation of software projects since it was founded in 1997. SYNIOS covers the entire spectrum of the software life cycle, ranging from consultancy work to implementation and even providing extensive customer support. To achieve this, SYNIOS makes use of a broad portfolio of software products, which have been developed in-house, in the fields of DMS, ECM, process handling and workflow management with portal solutions. Its major focus is on public health and e-health. SYNIOS also benefits from almost 20 years of experience in developing new products and adapting customer applications.

Picture: IOS Informations- und Organisations-Systeme GmbH and 51 percent of the shares in the IOS subsidiary SYNIOS Document & Workflow Management GmbH will in future form part of Rhenus Office Systems GmbH. The photo shows (from left to right): Michael Kaiser (Rhenus), Andreas Weiland (IOS), Axel Weiland (IOS), Jens Kumbrink (Rhenus), André Wolter (SYNIOS), Christian Schulte-Ontrop (Rhenus) and Claudia Hobohm (Rhenus). Photo credit: Rhenus Office Systems GmbH.

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