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First project for Rhenus Offshore Logistics Netherlands

Rhenus Offshore Logistics B.V., the Dutch company that was founded in March 2017, took over the overall logistics concept for personnel and materials for a corrosion protection campaign at the two platforms known as “Buitengaats” and “ZeeEnergie” at the Gemini wind park. Rhenus Offshore Logistics Netherlands, a co-subsidiary of the German Rhenus Offshore Logistics, worked very closely with Vroon Offshore Services during this project.

The “Vos Prime”, a multi-functional platform supply vessel that was equipped with a special Ampelmann gangway and was therefore suitable for the crossover manoeuvres, was used at the Gemini wind park during the project. The vessel operated by Vroon Offshore Services provided work and residential space for the project team consisting of 40 people as well as 20 crew members. This eliminated the need to transport the employees from the base port of Eemshaven and back every day. 934 trips were completed overall between the vessel and the substations.

Other supply and transport vessels were also deployed. Rhenus regularly used a crew transport vessel to travel between the base port and the platform supply ship when there was a change of shift. Rhenus and Vroon provided supplies of fairly large amounts of food, drinks, tools and the rubbish disposal services using the “Vos Prelude” platform supply vessel based in Emden; it regularly travelled to other destinations as well as the Gemini project.

Vroon and Rhenus have been significantly increasing their cooperation since May last year; they share a common desire to support the offshore wind industry. “The first project went very well. While Rhenus handled the central management of the project, Vroon was a reliable and committed partner at our side,” says Jannik Hartfil, Business Development Manager at Rhenus Offshore Logistics Niederlande, who supervised the project on the spot.

“We’re delighted by the successful course of the first project that was handled by our new Dutch branch. Thanks to our business sites in Great Britain, theNetherlands and Germany (at Bremen, Cuxhaven and Sassnitz/Mukran), we can provide supplies to the complete offshore sector in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea,” says Thore Schreiber, Head of Business Development & Sales at Rhenus Offshore Logistics.

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