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Rhenus Media Services expands at its Stralsund business site

The branch of the company specialising in customer management and known as :people! moved into new business premises in Stralsund on 1 July 2018; :people! is a subsidiary of Rhenus Media Services. The move took place because of the growth in demand for services.


Rhenus Media Services only took over :people! in January 2018. The latter offers services like customer and call centre support, cross and up-selling as well as procedures for regaining those who have terminated their contract from its offices in Stralsund. The major focus of the operations at the business site there is on the automotive and energy sectors. Rhenus Media Services is responding to the increase in demand from its customers by significantly expanding the office space.  
“The number of people working in Stralsund has more than doubled in the first six months since the takeover. As a result, we’ve been able to service our existing customers’ growing projects and are also prepared for further positive developments,” says Olaf Remmele, Managing Director at Rhenus Media Services, giving the reasons for the latest decision. 
The new building is located right at the heart of the old city in Stralsund, unlike the previous premises, and this provides better connections for the employees. It has also been possible to create a better working environment at the new site. Rhenus was supported by Wirtschaftsfördergesellschaft Vorpommern mbH (Vorpommern Economic Development Corporation) in its search for new property.

About Rhenus Media Services
Rhenus Media Services GmbH is a full-service provider for the energy, IT and communications sectors, publishing houses and media corporations, ecommerce and the retail sector as well as finances. Its solutions cover logistics, customer relations management, accounts receivable management, technical support and IT management with data centre services for the knkVerlag sector software. The company is part of the Rhenus Group, a logistics enterprise with global operations and annual turnover of EUR 4.8 billion. Rhenus has operations at 610 business sites and employs more than 29,000 people. 
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