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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

Competent Goods Handling

Rhenus has effective transhipment logistics facilities. We transport your goods and items quickly and reliably and combine various modes of transport for this purpose – e.g. long-distance or local vehicles, sea-going ships, inland waterway vessels, rail transport or air freight. 


Global flows of goods using sea freight.

Port Agency

Fast, reliable and effective clearance for your ships.

Inland Ports

An integral part of domestic and international transport chains.


Effectively combining logistics chains involving different modes of transport.

Air Freight

Transporting goods reliably around the globe using air freight services.

In addition to transport and warehousing services, transhipment logistics is a central component in supply chains and is therefore part of the range of products offered by the Rhenus Group, which is a full service provider. Our employees ensure that vehicles are loaded and unloaded quickly. Rhenus’ own terminals, branches and hubs are equipped with efficient transhipment machinery for this purpose. We work with competent partners to cope with special jobs in the field of project logistics; they may have special cranes for loading and unloading heavy goods, for example.

Transhipment Logistics - Tailored individually

Just as passengers change from one mode of transport to another, goods have to switch from one means of transport to another within almost every transport chain.

This is known as transhipment in the world of logistics – regardless of whether the change involves movement from one truck to another – for example, from a long-distance to a local vehicle – or whether different means of transport are linked together, like maritime shippinginland waterway vessels, trucks, railways and, not least, aircraft.

This takes place regardless of the number, size and shape of the goods being moved, but the process is always tailored to what is required.

Providing transhipment logistics to cope with specific customer demands

A strong sense of customer orientation is one of the key features of the Rhenus Group. This is also apparent in all the services that we provide for each individual customer and its special wishes for consignments – regardless of whether this involves break bulk cargo, groupage freight, commodities, bulk goods, suction goods or other transported materials, or whether it involves freight terminals at an airport, rail freight depots, truck ramps or port facilities: we will find the best option for transhipping your goods as we work together with you.

Infrastructure and superstructure

Continual investments in the infrastructure and superstructure at our business sites are also essential so that we can handle consignments efficiently; they are a testimony to our long-term commitment as a family-managed company and improve the general conditions for shipping operations. Based on our excellent knowledge of different sectors, we are able to develop individual services for different industrial branches and their needs. But as the cross docking process used at hubs is as different as loading a new car with RoRo equipment or handling containers, it is our job to find the solutions for specific projects to cope with the transhipment logistics tasks that are assigned to us.

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