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Material Flows – Disposal and Recycling

Many waste products may pose a risk to health or the environment, e.g. if they are highly flammable or release poisonous substances. The producer of the waste is obliged to maintain very special care in these cases. Rhenus operates domestic and international transport services by sea, coastal or inland waterway vessels or rail, trucks or containers for hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We have approved special transhipment areas at selected port sites for transhipment and intermediate storage. We also look after the necessary notification processes. We treat hazardous waste in such a way that rare earth elements can be retrieved and recycled, for example.
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Recycling used packaging

Old sales and transport packaging made of glass, plastic or paper can be recycled. The materials obtained in this way can replace primary raw materials when manufacturing new products. The sensible uses of secondary raw materials helps save natural resources and therefore protects the environment.

We handle all the services related to recycling, ranging from collection to accounting and make available the necessary equipment. Even if this involves disposable packages with a deposit or reusable packaging, we can offer tried and tested and reliable solutions or support our customers as they develop their own innovative concept.

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Deposit solutions

As one of the pioneering services providers in the field of deposit clearing, we offer the all-round package for handling deposit packages and the complete data management processes. Disposable drinks packages were either registered in the automatic machine at the point of sale or at our counting centres. If required, we can also make available mobile automatic machines at any place where you need them. All the data that is detected is fed into the clearing process and accounted for with a great deal of precision. The containers are immediately invalidated and recycled.

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Our services at a glance

  • Transporting hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • Transhipment, intermediate storage and processing, permits and notification processes
  • Disposal solutions for waste packaging
  • Deposit system for disposable and reusable packages

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