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Clean air – Henry Schein relies on Rhenus High Tech

Rhenus High Tech has been supporting the dental specialist dealer, Henry Schein, in technically distributing its high-quality air purification systems in its “Viruskiller” series since the middle of November; this new business has developed from many years of cooperation.

Rhenus High Tech has already been working for Henry Schein as its technical, value-added logistics specialist for many years; this involves distributing and assembling high-quality dental devices at dentists’ practices. Thanks to the close partnership, it is possible to respond to customers’ requirements in a faster and more flexible manner at their local sites. 

“The efficiency and scalability of the breadth of services provided by Rhenus is a very persuasive argument for us at Henry Schein. The company also offers us the correct mix between being a professional, specialist service provider and offering a network for rapidly supplying and assembling our products,” says Jurgen Debrier, Vice President Supply Chain Services Europe at Henry Schein Services, giving the reasons for the expansion of the cooperation arrangement.

“Rhenus High Tech is familiar with the logistics requirements in the dental customer segment and in the medical field overall. By providing tailored concepts, we create the necessary value added and the scalability so that we’re able to even handle extensive peaks in demand, says Ralph Decker, Managing Director of Rhenus High Tech.

As a technical, value-added logistics specialist, Rhenus High Tech handles both the positioning and assembly of sensitive or sophisticated devices at their final place of use as well as the preliminary and final transport and logistics tasks for many companies. The specialist also provides roll-out solutions that are tailored to customers’ needs for the premium segment of various sectors; this also includes pre-installing the devices at its own logistics and technical terminals.

About Rhenus
The Rhenus Group is a leading logistics service provider with global business operations and annual turnover of EUR 5.5 billion. Rhenus has business sites at 750 locations worldwide and employs 33,000 people. The Rhenus Group provides solutions for a wide variety of different sectors along the complete supply chain; they include multimodal transport operations, warehousing, customs clearance as well as innovative value-added services.

Press contact details for the Rhenus Group
Medienbüro am Reichstag GmbH
Reinhardtstrasse 55
10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 30 87 29 93
Fax: +49 30 30 87 29 95
E-mail: rhenus@mar-berlin.de 

About Henry Schein Dental Deutschland
Henry Schein Dental Deutschland is one of the market leaders in the German dental specialist trade. The company supplies its customers at dental practices and laboratories with a wide range of materials and instruments from leading manufacturers as well as investment goods, which require considerable advisory services, and innovative technological solutions. Tailored solution concepts as well as extensive advisory and other services make Henry Schein the complete provider for practices and laboratories. Experienced consultants, specialists and technical service employees support customers individually and capably on their pathway to success.

Press contact details for Henry Schein Dental
Natascha Hollingshead-Tamer
E-mail: presse@henryschein.de 

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