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Rhenus Media Services acquires “:people!” to manage customer relations

The all-round specialist Rhenus Media Services took over the Solingenbased services company “:people!” on 1 January 2018. “:people!” has been working as a partner for the energy, automobile and telecommunications sectors for almost 20 years. The company has another business site in Stralsund, in addition to its headquarters in Solingen in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.


“We’re enlarging our Rhenus Media Services network by taking over “:people!”. The latest acquisition complements our purchase of KundenProfi, which we completed in 2016. We’re now present in more markets in the fields of energy, IT and the automobile industry – and this sensibly complements our existing range of services,” says Olaf Remmele, Managing Director of Rhenus Media Services, giving the reasons for the acquisition.

“:people!” is a customer care company and provides personnel and other services like looking after customers and operating call centres. Most of its employees have been trained to use SAP IS-U, software that is specifically deployed in the utilities sector.

“:people! is a long-standing service company in the customer care market. However, we need a strong partner in order to be able to successfully hold our ground in this competitive market in future. We’ve found this in the form of Rhenus Media Services and its broad network. As a result, our customers will benefit from a significantly broader range of products in future through the takeover,” say the previous “:people!” owners, Simone Wolff and Tim Wolff; they will also remain as managing directors after the integration process into Rhenus Media.

“The “:people!” company has undergone an impressive development since it was founded in 1998. We believe that we have an excellent basis for further growth in our business units under the Rhenus umbrella and also consolidating our business site in Solingen,” says Olaf Remmele. 

About Rhenus Media Services
Rhenus Media Services GmbH is a full-service provider for the energy, IT and communications sectors, publishing houses and media corporations, ecommerce and the retail sector as well as finances. Its solutions cover logistics, customer relations management, accounts receivable management, technical support and IT management with data centre services for the knkVerlag sector software. The company is part of the Rhenus Group, a logistics enterprise with global operations and annual turnover exceeding EUR 4.8 billion. Rhenus has operations at 580 business sites and employs more than 28,000 people. 
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