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    Our Values

    We place our trust in our employees and the values that they represent – globally, in every single project, and at all times. 

Our Values - "We are all part of one company, Rhenus!"

Our company is far more than just the sum of all our knowledge and skills. It is our culture, our DNA and our background, which all give our company its sense of cohesion and provide us with our identity.

Our employees, along with their knowledge, skills and passion for what they do on a daily basis, are the most valuable asset that we have.



Customer-focused solutions

When sewing, it is often the perfectly harmonised and individual made-to-measure solution that counts.

And it's precisely this principle that governs how we work and cooperate with our customers.

Employee orientation

Our employees are the heartbeat of our company - for a heart that beats passionately. It's the kind of passion and energy expressed by Flamenco dancers.

Just like in a dance, we also want to support our employees with the right steps and ensure that they continue to develop.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Great flexibility, determination and initiative are essential if you want to engage in parkour activities.

As a company, we also need to weigh up the risks, plus occasionally follow a path that is supposed to be difficult, but still reach our goal together.


When playing the piano, harmony arises from the pianist's rapport with the melody.

It's important for us, too, to strike the right tone in our day-to-day relations with our customers and colleagues. This is the only way to coexist in harmony.


Those who sail know that you need to be prepared for all eventualities on the way to your final destination. No matter whether you're facing a strong headwind or find yourself in choppy waters, unshakeable trust and confidence is required at sea.

Our customers also rely on our steadiness and stability, and trust us to never lose sight of our common goals and to constantly improve.

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