Your future at Rhenus

24,000 colleagues at more than 390 business locations in 40 countries around the world – that would be your future team if you decide to joint Rhenus. You can expect to face exciting tasks in each of our business areas – Contract Logistics, Freight Logistics, Port Logistics or Public Transport.

Do you want to make a difference? We do too. The non-bureaucratic structures in our company play a crucial role in this: flat hierarchies, short decision-making processes and open doors are not just buzz words at our owner-managed family business – but are a major factor in our success story in conjunction with our strong focus on particular fields within the individual business units. Our working climate is dominated by an open, results-oriented and fair management style at every level.

You can discover more about what makes Rhenus unique in the following sections.

Business areas

Business areas

As a family business, the values that are lived out, jointly developed and shared in the family form the basis for our work together and represent our identity.

We are a sincere and honest company. We follow the law and act according to ethical principles. We fulfil our obligations and take personal responsibility for our actions.

We are open to new ideas and change. We treat each other in an open manner and share our knowledge and experience with each other.

Trust and mutual respect
We treat each other in a fair and civilised manner. We are trusting and therefore behave in a trustworthy way.

BoldnessWe act in line with our convictions. We do and say what we believe to be right and promote constructive criticism.


Our understanding of the employee relationship

Our understanding of the employee relationship

We rely on our loyal and responsible employees in order to achieve our corporate goals. We are aware of and promote differing opinions and view them as a positive contribution towards the company’s work.

Each one of our employees makes his or her abilities and opportunities available so that Rhenus can use them to achieve our goals. We are convinced that the overall benefits are maximised for the company if we set goals top-down and fulfil them bottom-up.

Social competence
Our employees do, of course, work independently, but they are also partners in a team with social competence and a positive way of thinking.


We always aim to provide 100% quality. But we also realise that mistakes cannot be fully excluded from our daily work. As a result, we openly discuss mistakes, omissions and problems. Employees seek help if this is necessary.


Our understanding of management

Our understanding of management

Management at Rhenus is designed to ensure that employees experience positive support in performing their work (thinking, managing, acting) for the purposes of achieving the company goals and they are pointed in the right direction. A manager therefore has the following characteristics:

Employee involvement
We are convinced that management is based on the principle of involving employees. The person who asks questions is the leading player in any discussions.  

Agreement on objectives
Based on common aims, which are derived from the Rhenus goals using the top-down principle, we provide the freedom for individual preferences and lead by delegating.

We as managers use guidelines to define the freedom for individual preferences as part of the delegation process. Despite delegation, the manager bears overall responsibility, which does not, however, exempt the managed employees from their individual responsibilities in terms of goals and delegation.

Personal involvementAs managers, we become involved in individual issues and the development of the team within our field of responsibility. We focus on two major areas: product, market and customer development, on the one hand, and team and employee development, on the other.


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