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A small leak can sink a huge ship: challenges in pharmaceutical logistics

Contaminated pallets, tears in packaging or a lack of refrigeration for medical products can trigger serious problems for patients. The correct handling of active substances and pharmaceutical products is one of the most sensitive tasks in the world of logistics. The service specialist Rhenus has risen to the challenges in this business to take a market-leading position. Rhenus Pharma and its customer RIEMSER Pharma presented their logistics partnership at a press conference in Berlin on the opening day of the German Logistics Congress.

“It’s important for us as a pharmaceutical company to ensure that our products are stored and distributed with the greatest possible care. Any errors in this environment, which is subject to strict laws, could have fatal consequences,” Beatrice von Buchwaldt, Commercial Manager at RIEMSER Pharma, explained. “We’ve found a partner to handle our logistics challenges in the shape of Rhenus Pharma; it knows all about the sensitivity of these tasks and has the necessary equipment to handle them.”

Finished medical products, raw materials and packaging from RIEMSER Pharma has been stored at the Rhenus Group’s Berlin (North) logistics centre in Velten for a year. This takes place in line with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and includes meeting the temperature specifications by constant monitoring and active cooling. Rhenus also organises the sending of advertising materials and medical samples to doctors, chemists and the sales workers of the company based in Greifswald.

“We not only make use of our broad portfolio of services and our many years of experience in pharmaceutical logistics for RIEMSER and other customers at Velten, but also at a dozen business sites in Germany, France and the Netherlands,” said Christiane Schütz, Managing Director of Rhenus Pharma Service. “We guarantee the product quality at any time using our own quality assurance system at Rhenus.”

The Rhenus Group had pooled its complete business activities in the pharmaceutical sector within the Rhenus Pharma Service company in the summer of 2015. Rhenus also provided more details at the press conference about its plans for a new pharmaceutical centre at Rodgau in Hessen, which should be opened in 2016. The branch will have storage space measuring 42,000 square metres and was selected as the business site for the pharmaceutical cluster for the Frankfurt/Rhine/Main metropolitan area because of its excellent transport links.

You will find more photos on the activities of Rhenus Pharma Service and the press conference at the “transport logistic” exhibition at: http://www.de.rhenus.com/infocenter/presse/

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