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Logistics specialists register increases in flows of goods from Asia heading for Russia

Russia is one of the most important countries on earth due to its size and its location on two continents. Representatives of the Russian customs service and western European industrial and logistics companies operating there discussed the current situation dominated by the current severe crisis at a press conference organised by the Rhenus Group on the opening day of the “transport logistic” exhibition. The discussions at the event in Munich particularly focused on transport routes for goods from Asia, which are replacing previous European traffic – but also initiatives for dealing with customs procedures faster.

"Volumes of imports and exports reflect the latest trends and developments. We’re currently experiencing one example of what is at times a rapid shift in flows of goods because of the strained economic situation in Russia traffic,” said Olaf Metzger, Managing Director of Rhenus Revival.

The demand for industrial and consumer goods from Europe has fallen because of the ailing Russian economy. In return, the country is importing more goods from Asia, which logistics specialists like Rhenus are handling with different transport routes.

“Flexibility is the order of the day to ensure that no bottlenecks occur. At the same time, we believe that traffic between the European Union and the CIS countries will recover with Russia at the forefront. As a result, we’re investing in our operations and sense a huge need for high-quality customs services at the moment,” Olaf Metzger reports.

“Our local dealers need spare parts for the DAF trucks operating in Russia. To guarantee this, the logistics chains and the relevant customs declarations for the individual transport operations have to be just right. We’ve found a reliable partner in Rhenus to guarantee this. This provides a sense of security, as any goods held at the customs barrier for checks longer than necessary pose a financial risk and jeopardise service quality,” said Jan Damen, European Transportation Manager at DAF Trucks NV, with a sense of emphasis.

Rhenus has launched a simplified customs clearance procedure in conjunction with important representatives of its customers and in close cooperation with the Russian customs authorities to provide even faster customs clearance in future. The aim is to continue simplifying and accelerating particular measures like customs inspections or fixing the customs value of goods within the procedure for the so-called model participants in foreign trade.

“We very much appreciate the quality of the Rhenus customs services and the commitment to press ahead with further improvements with us,” said Yevgeniy Prisukhin, Consultant of the Representation for the Russian Federation Customs Service in Germany. “We’re currently involved in setting up a joint working group to finalise the modalities for the simplified customs clearance procedure so that we can introduce it later this year.”

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