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New in Morocco: Rhenus now has a branch in Tangiers

The Rhenus Group opened a business site in Tangiers at the beginning of April this year. The branch in the Moroccan coastal city is the first on the African continent for the Freight Logistics business area. Rhenus can now organise transport services to and from Morocco and warehousing solutions in the North African country for its customers using its own staff on the spot.

"Morocco in general is now playing a leading role in North Africa and Tangiers in particular has developed into an important company hub. Many multinational corporations have been based in the city for some time or they are in the process of setting up in business or they are planning to establish business sites there. For this reason, it was logical to open our branch in Tangiers and therefore respond to our customers’ demand,” says Lluis Folch, Managing Director of Rhenus Logistics SARL in Morocco, giving the grounds for the development.

The Spanish business unit Rhenus Tetrans has been conducting business in Morocco since 2008. Rhenus is now enhancing its commitment by establishing its own business site in the kingdom because of the positive development of these activities and the potential offered by trade with and through Morocco.

During the initial phase, Rhenus will focus its activities on developing transport solutions for the overland sector and for air and sea freight. Tangiers has a favourable geographical location for a variety of freight flows in the region and its ability to act as a hub will play a central role for Rhenus in handling the logistics services that it provides.

The services that are available include door-to-door transportation within Morocco, intermodal traffic to include the ports of Tanger-Med, Casablanca, Agadir and Nador, groupage freight lines and warehouse services. Rhenus can also handle the customs clearance work for its customers, for example, transport hazardous and heavy goods and take over packaging and picking tasks as part of third party logistics services.

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