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New processing facility for Rhenus PET Recycling in Hamburg starts operating

Rhenus PET Recycling opened one of the most modern processing facilities for PET plastics in Europe on 20 April, following a construction period lasting one year. The plant is the company’s third operating site, after Gelsenkirchen and Lüneburg. Rhenus will be able to produce up to 20,000 tonnes of flakes from used plastic bottles at the site every year.

Sorting, crushing, washing: the new processing facility in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg creates reusable plastic flakes from used disposable bottles. Rhenus makes use of one of the most modern processing facilities in Europe for this; it consists of a sorting section, a wet mill and a washing line.

“PET bottles are the leading type of packaging for drinks around the globe. Our facility enables us to make a contribution towards reusing the plastic PET. The flakes produced in this way and sorted residual plastics can be used in many ways in industrial applications,” says Ralf Mandelatz, Managing Director of Rhenus PET Recycling.

The PET flakes can be used to produce foils, drinks bottles, packing materials, packaging strip and fibres. Rhenus also removes any metal particles, labels and sealing tops and processes them for reuse too.

The new business site is geared to particularly conserve resources. “We treat the water that is used in the hot washing stage again so that we can retain it within the process. We also obtain some of the electrical energy and heat that we require from our own combined heat and power unit at the site,” Ralf Mandelatz reports.

The site, which measures 2.5 hectares, provides approx. 11,000 square metres of warehouse and covered space for the plant’s engineering and for storing the raw and finished items.

Rhenus PET Recycling was set up in 2012 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rhenus Recycling, which is a joint venture between Rhenus and REMONDIS.

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