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About us

History of Rhenus starts on November 13th when "Badische Actiengesellschaft für Rheinschiffahrt und Seetransport" and "Rheinschiffahrts Actiengesellschaft "set up a joint company. The name they choose for the new company is the Latin word for the river Rhine, where they ran their business. Nowadays Rhenus Group tops its turnover at € 5.1 billion, thanks to 31,000 employees at more than 660 branches worldwide. This numbers makes Rhenus one of the greatest logistic service companies with global operations.

First branch in Czech Republic was established in 1993 near the capital of Czech Republic in Nučice. Currently, there are two more branches in Czech Republic located in Modřice near Brno, and in Ostrava. These three branches provide complete and cost-effective logistic coverage of the Czech Republic. Our business areas include freight logistics, warehouse logistics, logistics solutions as well as management of complex supply chains and innovative value added services.

Key figures

Year founded: 1912 (1993 in CR)
Sales: 5.1 billion EUR  
Employees: 31,000
Locations: 660



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