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Report from our trainee

Hi Pepa, can you describe how was your trainee programme

My trainee programme started in March 2013. My first position was in logistics department. Where I got acquainted with physical warehouse processes and warehouse operators. After 14 days in logistics department I started to work on my first project. The project was dedicated to storage area and warehouse equipment optimization. After completing the project, I was involved to planning warehouse processes and warehouse operators shifts.

Next department, where I was working, was Air & Ocean department, which deals with overseas shipments. There I was responsible for my own lines. These were full container shipments. After 2 months I changed the scope from sea and ocean to air transport.

My last position was in automotive department. Projects for leading European car makers are processed there. My job content was groupage, re-consolidation and full trailer load shipments from many suppliers. Here I controlled and optimized particular sessions on major projects, as well as in Air & Ocean department.

My trainee programme was shortened for one month as I was employed in Air & Ocean department, where I operate until these days.

Do you think that an employee who passed trainee programme is somehow advantaged than others?

Trainee is definitely advantaged, because of rotations between the positions over whole company. Thanks to this trainee gets an overview of real logistics processes and company much faster than ordinary employees working on one position.

Another advantage is an overview of many positions job content. So that trainee can easier decide on future position. Not less important is gaining many contacts over the company and customers.

Did you participate any trainings or courses during the trainee program?

Sure, every Rhenus employee has the opportunity to attend language courses. This I still participate. In addition to language courses I have attended management course of planning and decision making.

How did your colleagues approached to you as trainee?

From the beginning I felt like a member of team. Other staff helped me; mentors treated me as a colleague. They all gave me the most of their time. It makes sense. The investment in the form of spent time come back in form of quality employee after initial training.

What would you say to students who consider trainee program at Rhenus Logistics?

I would say that they certainly try trainee program. Whether in Rhenus Logistics or anywhere else. Graduate gain a lot of valuable experience that they would gained several years in regular position. But its important to be active in trainee program, not be afraid to ask, take every opportunity that company offers. Today I know that trainee program is a great investment for company and it should be returned to company in the form of work effort.

I would like to emphasize that the trainee program is not school practice. That a person just attend. It’s a real work where is chance to learn a lot.

You participate a trainee program during the studies? Is it possible to combine?

In the last semester we had enough time for diploma thesis. Thanks to this wasn’t combining trainee with school problem. Rhenus was absolutely helpful in my school activities. I would like to thanks to Rhenus for it.

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