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Rhenus Logistics CZ - Chemicals

Chemicals – Base of industrial production!

Chemical products are dedicated not only for industry purposes. They surround us in our everyday life. Rhenus Logistics provides transportation and storage of chemical products mainly in the field of automotive chemicals, cleaning products, building chemicals or products of petrochemical industry.

Construction chemistry

Rhenus Logistics provides full logistic service for domestic and international building chemicals manufacturers. Although it may not seem at first sight, products of building chemicals are quite sensitive commodity and any neglecting key criteria of transport may cause total damage of consignment. Thanks many years of experience in this field of transport, Rhenus Logistics provides professional service to fulfil all customers’ requirements.

Building chemistry products we supply not only to wholesalers and retailers but to end users too.

Automotive chemicals and car care

Quality vehicle function is closely connected to proper care. Rhenus Logistics as a long-time provider of automotive chemicals and car care distribution ensures that you find your favourite brand of car care products in retail sale or petrol stations.

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