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Trade – Strong business partner!

Constantly changing market conditions place high demands not only to producers but also to logistic partners. Changing business strategies and products, distribution channels optimization, high storage requirements, consolidation and deconsolidation of shipments for delivery to the retail network. These and many other requirements on logistics partners are inseparable part of the business world. Branded clothing from Malaysia, phone from South Korea, dried ham from Spain or champagne from France. The business world knows no boundaries. Rhenus Group supports the worldwide flow of goods through its 580 branches in more than 40 countries and thus contributes to the efficient functioning of the globalized business world. We use all modes of transport when optimizing logistics chains. Maritime and rail transport for long distance, road transport for delivery to the final destination and air transportation as an alternative for customers requiring high-speed transport. Obvious part of our logistics concepts is also storage with an aggregate worldwide storage area of 3,000,000 square meters.

Full service logistics

Most of modern companies use logistic partners for ensuring logistics services. In addition to transportation and warehousing they currently provide a wide range of value added services e.g. consolidation and deconsolidation, packaging, labelling and Home Delivery. Home Delivery means that your consignment is professionally installed after delivery to final destination including basic training. Whether it is a washing machine, a television, a sofa, or whole kitchen, our qualified staff fulfils all your wishes and expectations.

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