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  • Rhenus Logistics CZ - Value Added Services

  • Rhenus Logistics CZ - Value Added Services

  • Rhenus Logistics CZ - Value Added Services

Value Added Services – We save your work and money!

Rhenus Logistics provides a wide range of additional services that not only reduce customers´ costs, but also allow customer to focus on a key part of business.

Modular services system

Every product, every process and every provided service is unique. Our customers can easily select only the service they require. We individually approach to every project or every shipment. Therefore, we can provide services tailored to customers requirements.

Completing, packaging, repackaging, wrapping

Completingpackagingrepackaging and wrapping are the most provided value added services. In case of storage in our warehouse we provide completion of shipment, packaging for transportation and delivery to customer. In case of FTL deliveries to our HUB center we provide deconsolidation, completion of new shipments, packaging for transport and delivery to customer.

For more information about cross-dock distribution see Cross-dock.

For more information about recommended packaging see Recommended packaging.

Confirming, archiving and documentation returning

Rhenus Logistics provides complete range of services with delivery notes and other shipping documents. Your documents will be processed, scanned and then sent in electronic form or just archived in physical form and delivered back to sender in physical form if necessary.

Consolidation and deconsolidation

Consolidation and deconsolidation is closely linked with cross-dock and hub-and-spoke technology.  Your shipment will be transported to nearest HUB centre, there consolidated, send to HUB centre nearby place of delivery and then delivered. Your national shipments will be delivered within 24 hours. In international transport delivery times depend on mean of transport. Rhenus logistics provides consolidation and deconsolidation services especially in Central and Eastern Asia and America, where scheduled direct lines.

Sticking, marking and labelling

Your shipment or your product will be equipped by logo, tag, label, price tag, according to your requirements. Our trained and experienced team ensure proper and smooth execution of your requirements.

IT support and electronic data interchange

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is nowadays an absolute standard. Rhenus Logistics is not exception. Our skilful IT specialists will ensure smooth communication between your warehouse or ERP software and internal Rhenus software.

Quality control

Rhenus Logistics provides visual and mechanical inspection of functionality and quality of products for the detection of possible defects or malfunctions.

Completion and pre-assembly

Qualified employees of Rhenus Logistics ensure pre-assembly for product manufacturers or proper arrangement for just-in-sequence production mode directly to production line.

Second option is final assembly of product for maximal displacement of point of disconnection of supply chain to reduce stocks and cost of storage.

Assembly and disassembly

Skilful staff from Home Delivery department provides wide range of services like a delivery to customers room, assembly of new and disassembly of old product as well as its adjusting and setting.

For more information about Home Delivery see Home Delivery.

Delivery advice

Rhenus informs recipient by telephone, sms or e-mail before delivery of shipment.

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