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  • Rhenus Logistics CZ - Value Added Services

  • Rhenus Logistics CZ - Value Added Services

  • Rhenus Logistics CZ - Value Added Services

Insurance – For sure!

Transportation of goods is considered as risky activity. Every year damaged shipments are valued at tens billions of Euros. Carrier liability is very limited in accordance with international conventions and laws.

Road freight

  • According to CMR 8,33 SDR (about 10 EUR)/1 gross kilogram
  • According to Act no. 513/1991 Coll., Commercial Code up to the price of the consignment

Air freight

  • According to Montreal Convention 19 SDR (about 23 EUR)/1 gross kilogram

Rail freight

  • According to CIM Convention 17 SDR (about 20 EUR)/1 gross kilogram

Ocean freight

  • According to Hamburg Rules 2,5 SDR (about 3 EUR)/1 gross kilogram or 666,67 SDR (about 770 EUR) per consignment
  • According to Hague-Visby Rules 2 SDR (about 2,40 EUR)/1 gross kilogram

This means that in case of loss or total damage of the consignment (total gross weight 500 kg; price 20,000 EUR) carried by Hague-Visby rules without cargo insurance is carriers compensation 1,000 SDR (500 kg x 2 SDR) about 1,150 EUR.

Therefore it is appropriate to conclude cargo insurance for each valuable consignment. Rhenus Logistics offers affordable cargo insurance covering all risk including „vis major“ up to 110 % of shipment cost.*

*Exclude war, strike, riot and high-risky destinations.

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