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Rhenus Logistics CZ - Reverse logistics

Reverse logistics

Reverse logistics is a part of every modern logistics chains, which are dedicated to cost efficiency and social responsibility. Reverse logistic services are usually defined as flow of used productspackages and wastes from consumer to the place of origin or to place of liquidation. Furthermore, reverse logistics deals with claimed items from consumer back to manufacturer. A Rhenus Logistics employees with years of experience in reverse logistics offer these services:

Pallet management

Pallet management service includes returning of empty pallets for loading new products or returning all outstanding palettes when the maximum number is reached.

Removal of used discarded products for disposal/recycling

Thanks to Home Delivery service we will not only deliver your shipment, but also your old equipment will be take to the ecological destruction.

Reverse logistics for automotive sector

Reverse logistics in automotive sector mainly includes deliveries of empty containers and pallets back to the supplier.

Returning of claimed equipment

Rhenus logistics not only offers deliveries of new equipment to retail chains, but also transportation of claimed equipment or recycling of discarded items.

IBC container

Rhenus Logistics offers complete logistic services which include transportation, pumping and re-pumping , cleaning and returning of IBC containers.

The main reason for using reverse logistic services is not just costs reducing of whole logistic chain, but also social and environmental responsibilities members of logistic chain.

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