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International Women’s Day: Championing the Resilience of Women in Logistics

As we round up our series on International Women’s Day, we highlight the resilience that our female colleagues have shown, as they lead by example to set new industry standards, redefine the customer experience, and build a more robust and agile logistics sector of the future.

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International Women’s Day: Celebrating women’s contributions in fighting the pandemic

In this second blog post, we speak to various Branch Managers in Rhenus China, with its largest footprint in Asia-Pacific. They share their experiences, as well as their contributions to the on-going fight against the pandemic.

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International Women’s Day: Forging a gender-equal and diverse logistics team at Rhenus

As Rhenus celebrates this global day dedicated to all women, some of our female leaders in our Asia Pacific offices share their thoughts on challenging, celebrating and championing change, parity and the successes of women in logistics. 

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Positioning for Success: Striking a Balance Between Automation and Value Creation in Warehousing

Amidst somber waves of a global economic slowdown and as countries strive to ignite growth despite the pandemic, warehouse leaders push ahead with new approaches to ramp up productivity and efficiency.

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China’s Automotive Industry post Covid-19

The Covid-19 has impacted many industries globally. Rhenus Greater CEO Michael Sickinger weighs in on the changes in the Chinese Automotive Industry post the pandemic and what is to come.

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Effects Of Covid-19 on the Logistics industry and Chinese market.

“In 2008-2009, the impact on the logistics industry was not that big. Because it was a financial crisis. This time, the impact on all manufacturing firms is far greater. But on the other hand, everyone is talking about a consumption-rebound or spending. That would really depend on the actual end of this pandemic. I believe that there will be a wave of purchasing if the pandemic really ends.”

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Rhenus Logistics South Korea, Our Time is Now.

The Korea Forwarder Times sat down with Patrick and was impressed with his outstanding fluency in Hangul for an interview. 

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Decoding Logistics

Like many industries, logistics is faced with immense change brought on by the growth of the real-time economy.

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The New Silk Road - Connecting The Orient To The World

With the latest megaproject of the Chinese Government called "One Belt, One Road" (OBOR), the trade connections between East and West are experiencing a fresh upsurge.

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Prospering East shifts focus to intra-Asia trade

An increase in trade connections and growing consumption led by an expanding middle class have contributed to considerable growth within Asia.

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Rhenus COO Airfreight Asia Andre Delarue

Staying ahead of the curve

Rhenus COO Airfreight Asia, Andre Delarue, offers his perspective on new opportunities.

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5 Trends to watch in China

China’s landscape is constantly evolving. Here are some of the key nascent trends in the Middle Kingdom and its implications for consumers and brands. 

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How the rise of e-commerce in Asia impacts traditional logistics chains

In our first article we would like to talk about the development of e-commerce logistics in Asia. What are some of the logistics-related challenges that companies struggle to adapt to?

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