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    As a specialist for Contract Logistics we take care of complete overall concepts so that you can concentrate on your main business.

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    Our Port Logistics offers you an efficient, complete overall concept for your individual procurement- and distribution requirements.

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    No matter in which parts of the world your freight will be delivered – your recipient will reach you by land, sea and air without any problems.

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    No matter in which parts of the world your freight will be delivered – your recipient will reach you by land, sea and air without any problems.

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Rhenus acquires Bremer Archiv

Rhenus Archive Services, the specialist for storing and managing files in high-security archives, took over one of the regional market leaders, Bremer Archiv, on 1 January. Rhenus is planning to extend its archiving business in Bremen and strengthen its regional archiving network through this purchase.

The company, which was founded by Gerhard Störmer in 1996, has its archive base in the city centre in Bremen. Rhenus is taking over the complete customer base; most clients are based in Bremen and Rhenus will continue to store its predecessor’s archives in the Bremen region too.

Dennis Lubis, the Regional Manager of Rhenus Archive Services, emphasises that Rhenus is gaining many new customers in Bremen and the surrounding region through the acquisition. “Bremer Archiv has understood during the last few years how to expand its business with existing customers through providing reliability, trust and proximity to its customers. We’re convinced that we’ll be able to exploit even more potential in the region and expand the working relationship with our customers, particularly by offering value-added services such as digitalisation, mailroom services and file destruction,” says Till-Martin Schuldt, Managing Director of Rhenus Archive Services, adding his comments.

“We’ve been in contact with the Rhenus Group for more than ten years. Both companies already have a partner-like cooperation arrangement in the field of destroying files,” says Gerhard Störmer, who is retiring from his company because of his age, giving the reasons for the sale to Rhenus.

As part of Rhenus Office Systems, Rhenus Archive Services operates 17 high-security archive centres in Germany in order to store files professionally and it is responsible for more than 10 billion documents belonging to 10,000 customers. In addition to its archiving operations, Rhenus Archive Services provides its customers with value-added services, including digitalising documents and making them available. All the high-security archives and the data centre in Germany are certified in line with ISO 27001 (Data and Information Security). 

About Rhenus
Office Systems Rhenus Office Systems GmbH offers document, information and individual process management operations: ranging from incoming mail to digitalisation, archiving, data destruction and making available personnel and even customer management, cloud and BPO solutions. Rhenus Office Systems accompanies its customers’ physical and digital information in every possible way and supports them as they implement their digital strategy. The Rhenus Group is one of the leading logistics specialists with global operations and annual turnover amounting to EUR 5.5 billion. Rhenus employs 33,000 people at 750 business sites.

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Fax: +49 30 30 87 29 95
E-mail: rhenus@mar-berlin.de 

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