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Case study: OZ Export

For more than 20 years, Rhenus Fresh has handled the export airfreight for OZ Export with daily shipments to the Far East and the Middle East.

About OZ Export

OZ Export is a leading Dutch flower export company specialising in cut flowers. This family business has been located in Aalsmeer – the heart of the Dutch flower trade – since 1959.

OZ Export processes and trades flowers from a fully temperature-controlled 36,000-m2 warehouse consisting of various halls with different temperatures, depending on the type of flowers. OZ Export buys the flowers directly from growers as well as at all major flower auctions in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk (Westland) and Rijnsburg. The company processes about 7 million stems per week and has the most extensive assortment in the world! OZ Export specialises in high quality flowers for weddings and events for clients all over the world, who are served by more than 250 employees in Aalsmeer.

One of OZ Export's most important resources is its own online store and mobile application for flowers. Of the consignments, 40% are purchased via the online store. Customers also have the option of buying their product directly via a KOA (remote purchase) link.

About OZ Export and Rhenus Fresh

For more than 20 years, Rhenus Fresh has handled the export airfreight for OZ Export with daily shipments to the Far East and the Middle East. We have developed an excellent partnership over all those years, and we are always looking to make further process improvements with better quality or efficiency in mind. Every year, there is a new logistics challenge for a new destination or a new customer.

Rhenus Fresh takes all of the logistics problems out of OZ Export's hands. Each morning, we run through the scheduling for the day, discuss risks, and consult over the possible routes, packaging and so forth.

Due to the exclusivity of the flowers, all the risks during the transport have to be kept to a minimum. We always strive to optimise the cool chain, including refrigerated transport. Rhenus Fresh works with a number of selected airlines (our preferred carriers) such as KLM, Lufthansa, Emirates and Cathy Pacific.

A floral designer in Saudi Arabia needs 150,000 stems (5,000 kg) for a wedding with various floral arrangements. The designer provides OZ Export with details, such as the kind of flower, colour, length, etc.


  1. Thursday: designer sends the order to OZ Export.

  2. Friday morning: OZ Export purchases a high-end flower assortment and sorts it according to the colour and length of the flowers prior to packaging and refrigerating all 150,000 stems. In order to make sure that the flowers are still fresh when they arrive in Saudi Arabia, we keep them cool at two degrees Celsius in the warehouse prior to transport.

  3. Friday afternoon: Rhenus Fresh organises the transport. For reasons such as speed and flexibility, we decide to transport the shipment from Aalsmeer with a refrigerated truck from the airline directly to Frankfurt, where it arrives Saturday morning.

  4. Saturday noon: the shipment departs from Frankfurt at 2:00 p.m. and arrives in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) on Saturday evening. On Sunday, the flowers arrive at the designer's address. The designer arranges the flowers, creating stunning floral centrepieces

  5. Monday: the wedding takes place.


Because of the size of the order, the time constraints, the level of difficulty and due to the highly sensitive flowers, special transport was required.

Onno Piet (OZ Export sales director):

"Every airfreight shipment is special: delivering 150 flowers to Dubai for a wedding is just as important to us as fully decorating a hotel with beautiful flowers for the Chinese New Year."

Would you like to learn more about the Rhenus Air & Ocean services, please contact us by email: info@nl.rhenus.com or by telephone: +31 (0)20 316 5555.

For more information about OZ Export and its products and services visit their website: https://www.ozexport.nl/

OZ Export

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