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We’re every millimeter logistics.

Logistics is just getting goods from A to B? Far from it: Rhenus offers customers an end-to-end portfolio of solutions for complex logistics chains plus attractive value-added services. We pool our expertise into four business units: Contract Logistics, Freight Logistics and Port Logistics. That opens up a wealth of exciting opportunities and activities for our employees, in business units ranging from High-Tech, Automotive and Air & Ocean to Seaports and Inland Ports. The focus here is on advance planning as well as streamlining and fine-tuning processes and workflows-always with an eye to our customers' specific needs.

Whichever field of activity interests you, you can look forward to working with an impressive network of colleagues and seasoned specialists ready and willing to share with you their in-depth knowledge and invaluable tips-be it in Holzwickede, Barcelona or Hong Kong.

Contract Logistics

Many customers prefer to leave logistics to the experts so they can concentrate on what they do best. That is where we come in: Rhenus delivers integrated, industry-specific solutions that go far beyond just warehousing and transport. Our services range from packing, repacking, labeling and end-customer services all the way to performing individual assembly steps. A perfect case in point: we manage the regional delivery and assembly of furniture for a major Swedish home furnishings retailer. So at Rhenus, your job might well include bringing a dash more Swedish design into local homes.

Freight Logistics

Delivering sensitive insulation materials to a construction site? Turbines to Hong Kong? At Rhenus, that is all in a day's work. We handle the worldwide logistics for our customers' freight-expertly, reliably and just in time. It is all made possible thanks to our tightly-knit network of road, rail, sea and air transport options. But that's not all: on request, we also take care of customs formalities and create tailor-made logistics concepts. It is an incredibly dynamic environment shaped by the selective use of smart IT systems-for functions such as automatic shipment tracking-as well as by the many exciting new challenges for you to take on.

Port Logistics

A wealth of products get to us or are exported to other countries through ports. Take cars, for example: Rhenus is the experienced partner entrusted with managing processes such as the seamless logistics chain for a major Bavarian carmaker. To make it happen, we draw not only on our own capacities at ports and inland terminals but also on a state-of-the-art transport network. Above that, we rank among the leaders in coal logistics, moving millions of tons of coke and coal each year and providing customers-mainly power plants-with end-to-end service packages. This includes transshipment and warehousing at seaports, transport further inland, filtering, drying, milling and mixing the raw materials, as well as disposing of the residue from incineration and flue gas treatment and providing on-site logistics at power plants. Such a broad spectrum of services calls for a great many employees with the experience and commitment to match. Soon, you could be one of them.

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