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Transport solutions for industries

Rhenus Logistics provides comprehensive logistics services in standard  as well as dedicated logistic projects to the widely understood production.  As part of the national and international distribution network, Rhenus offers groupage pallets as well as LTL and FTL transports.
Within the scope of services are also  shipments of long goods, as well as deliveries with an additional service such as unloading by the driver. Non-standard projects often include oversized deliveries, JiT deliveries for investments or deliveris on production lines to factories. As part of dedicated services Rhenus provides warehouse services, cross-dock or other additional services at the customer's request.

Logistics in construction industry

Deliveries for the construction industry are carried out as part of the Rhenus general cargo transport network for pallet shipments, and  also  dedicated deliveries for investments that involve, among others, obtaining transport permits. Among the operated goods are components for production for the construction industry, finished goods and specialized machines. The complexity of the transport service  for the construction industry varies depending on the logistic project and its seasonality. Logistics for the construction industry also includes oversized and specialized transports of large devices or structural elements for investments. Among the clients who trusted Rhenus are companies producing mortars, adhesives and broadly understood construction chemistry requiring transport at controlled temperature.

Logistics in chemical industry

Rhenus Logistics provides comprehensive transport solutions for the chemical industry in the field of stock management, domestic and international transport in a general groupage, LTL and FTL. Rhenus international and domestic  distribution systems are adapted to the requirements of the chemical industry, including the transport of hazardous goods (ADR). The international and national Rhenus distribution systems work on the basis of the SQAS and ISO 9001: 2008 quality system.
Many years of experience and proven logistics procedures for the chemical industry guarantee safety and quality throughout the entire supply chain. Transports of sensitive goods are carried out in accordance with the Act on the Road Transport Monitoring System (SENT), which also covers the chemical industry. Rhenus also offers a number of value-added services for the chemical industry, including delivery with pumping, and  DPPL packaging management throughout the country.

Logistics in automotive

Complex international supply chains in the automotive industry require experience and precise organization. Maintaining the minimum inventory of raw materials within the production line and managing the supply of components to production lines require experience and a reliable road distribution system.
Rhenus specializes in dedicated solutions for the automotive industry by delivering on Milk Run, JiT and JiS, as well as express deliveries. Rhenus competences also include stock management and supply for production lines, as well as quality control and preparation of components for production.

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