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    Our logistics services go far beyond just transportation, transshipment and warehousing. We can help prepare and accelerate the process of customs clearance.

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Trading in Australia? Here’s why a customs broker is essential!

Trading In Australia - Customs Broker

Most people have used a brokerage service at some stages in their lives. When applying for a mortgage or insurance policy, for example, brokers strive to get their customers the best deal and cater to individual’s circumstances. They also have to ensure any admin and paperwork are completed properly, which, if left to those without prior experiences, may lead to a major pain point.

However, consumer’s regulations are a walk in the park compared to the complicated and often erratic nature of international trade laws, which businesses face today. The landscape is changing at any moment, with world leaders regularly locked in tariff negotiations and trade blocs exchanging blows.

When trading across borders, dealing with the customs policies and quirks related to different goods might be overwhelming – particularly in a country such as Australia, where clearance is heavily regulated. This is where a customs broker is able to step in as an experienced specialist and offer their services and advices.


A customs broker acts in much the same way as any other broker would, wherein they would assist to remove the pain out of a transaction and ensure it is completed as swiftly as possible, so business leaders are able to concentrate on keeping supply chain operations running smoothly instead.

Trading In Australia - Customs Broker

The vast array of tasks that require to be completed in relation to customs clearance often happens backstage, out of public view. Whether these are evaluations of the products to be cleared, registration with customs authorities, following up with them to speed up clearance processes or providing receipts for duty paid, a good customs broker takes the necessary actions to ensure goods will arrive intact and in a timely manner.

If one cog in this wheel goes awry, it will have spiral effects that result in a delay to the entire process and, in some cases, heavy financial penalties – which makes ticking the right boxes essential.


While a broker ensures that the necessary paperwork will be taken care of, they also provide advice on whether businesses are permitted to bring certain products into the country.

As of April 2018, some commodities require import permits before entering Australia. There will always be a fee and a processing time to obtain the permits depending on the commodity. Not being able to provide import permits when required results to the goods being returned to the country of origin, or even destroyed.

So, if a business is importing or exporting goods in or out of Australia, using a customs broker will not only guarantee adherence to the country's complex trading rules, but also ensure less risk of restricted or prohibited goods being confiscated.


Trading In Australia - Customs Broker

Picking the right customs broker for each business, depending on the goods they are dealing with, is vital. A good broker will always remain up to date with the latest changes in legislation. Testimonials from other businesses who have worked with a particular broker also serve as a helpful point of reference in ensuring that they have the required level of expertise.

Ultimately, businesses would like to receive a quick, efficient and reliable customs brokerage and clearance service which delivers the best possible deal for both themselves and their customers.

Getting goods across the border should not be the perpetual challenge as is often the case. Allowing a broker to do the legwork allows businesses to focus more on getting products off the ship and into the hands of customers as quickly and flawlessly as possible.

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