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Rhenus Australia - Customs Brokerage and Clearance

Customs Brokerage and Clearance

Rhenus Customs Brokerage is one of the key steps in the framework of international transactions with goods. A necessary degree of attention and responsibility are needed to ensure that there will be no delays in deliveries and unforeseen expenses. Our experienced specialists always keep up to date with the latest changes of customs legislation and accelerate the process of customs clearance. This allows a smooth, fast and reliable customs process.

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Customs Brokerage and Clearance customized and integrated solutions:

Preparation and electronic lodgement of all DAFF (AQIS) entries

We assist in the preparation of all import permits. Our customs brokers are knowledgeable in handling simple AQIS (DAFF) entries to complex customs permits such as clearance of prohibited items.

Preparation and electronic lodgement of all customs entries

We accurately and efficiently prepare and electronically lodge multiple types of customs entries.

Optional port lodgements (OPL)

We provide services on your interstate imports. We can service shipments arriving in any Australian state.

AOG and Aircraft specialists

We can provide quick release of aircraft spares so you won’t incur higher costs and delays in shipment.

Advice and preparation of tariff concession orders (TCO)

We help reduce your duty payment with the preparation of Tariff Concession Orders and help you save cost.

Valuation advice

We provide accurate valuation advice to ensure you pay correct duty and GST (Goods and Services Tax) on your goods. We assess the following items to see how it will affect what you will pay in taxes.

  • Foreign Inland Freight
  • Freight
  • License Fees
  • Insurance
  • Production Assists
  • Royalties

Classification and tariff advice

We correctly classify your goods in compliance to Customs (ACBP) legislation requirements.

Duty drawback calculation

We make it simple and check if your goods are eligible for duty draw back on re-exported goods.

Duty refund

We assist in the lodgement of duty refund of goods that are damaged, pillaged, lost in transit and not to specification.

Advice on Free Trade Agreements (FTA)

With more than a dozen countries in Free Trade Agreements with Australia, we help qualify your goods to either reduced duty or duty free through the Developing Countries and Forum Islands Agreements.

ATA Carnet and temporary imports

We assist in the preparation of goods that are imported into Australia on a temporary basis through ATA Carnet and Temporary Import Under Security.

Prohibited Imports

We guide in classifying if your goods are prohibited and help in the process of applying for prohibited import permits.

Commerce marking/labelling

We assist in goods that require strict labeling and trade descriptions.

Customs Brokerage and Clearance advantages:

We deliver end-to-end logistics services that tailor fit your specific requirements.
We provide superior customs clearance services with:

Personal customer support

We pride ourselves in effectively providing our clients with reliable customs clearance services. With our single point of contact, we are able to quickly resolve any issues with minimal inconvenience.

Efficient customs clearance solutions for your specific requirements

We let you focus on your core business processes and we do the rest. We can get most shipments cleared quickly and efficiently to save you time, effort and money.

Efficient and accurate lodgement of entries

Our customs clearance team understands the heavy penalties you may face for inaccurate or false declarations. We give full attention to detail to ensure correct procedures are implemented.

Prompt and reliable customs clearance services

We ensure all import and export cargo are cleared quickly and efficiently. We avoid unnecessary delays and ensure your goods will arrive at its destination in a timely manner.

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