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Rhenus Logistics Bulgaria - Transhipment logistics

Mastering Transhipment Logistics

In addition to transportation and storage transhipment is one of the classical disciplines in logistics. On the one hand this involves mastering the documentation of all incoming and outgoing transports of goods, while on the other the careful handling of the goods with the help of the right equipment must be properly managed with the necessary experience. As an integrated logistics service company with its own assets and high-performance partners located throughout Bulgaria Rhenus satisfies your expectations for efficient transhipment of goods.

Due to the strong integration of the Black Sea in the international trading routes, the Bulgarian port locations in particular function as transhipment centres. Thanks to its longstanding activities in the country and its international alignment, Rhenus has acquired the business know-how necessary for attaining high quality standards while strictly complying with the applicable laws and regulations. In planning and organizing the chains of logistics we pay special attention to insuring that the transloading between different modes of transport saves time – and thereby saves money.

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