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Rhenus Svoris Belarus - Customs broker service

Customs broker services

The discontinuation of freight inspection within the borders of the European Union simplified the flow of goods between member states. However, nowadays the global freight transportation routes cross EU borders. Manufacturers, located in Asia, need to reach customers in the USA and Europe; China and the Russian Federation are tightly connected to EU as trading partners. The requirements for customs procedures in different states vary and can be strict. To ensure quick and smooth shipment of goods, the profound knowledge of domestic and international customs clearance procedures and regulations is essential.

Rhenus Svoris provides freight transportation services both in member states of the European Union, and in non-EU countries and Asia. We offer professional services of customs procedures and bonded warehouse. Having long-lasting rich experience in the market and the support of global Rhenus Logistics Group network, we can ensure professional customs broker services both to customers with the goods within the European Union, and outside the Europe.

Customs broker services

Rhenus Svoris provides the following customs broker services:

  • Customs document handling: We prepare all import, export, and transit documents, and handle transport documentation: CMR way-bills, TIR CARNET. We guarantee that all documents comply with the required regulations.
  • Representation of a customer in customs clearance.
  • We provide guarantees for import, transit customs procedures.
  • Consultations on customs procedures related matters.
  • Control of customs procedures.
  • Storage of goods in bonded warehouses with 24/7 video surveillance. Our IT infrastructure monitors goods storage related processes in bonded warehouses.

Our team will assist you in customs related matters and handling of the documents.

Bonded warehouse

  • Your goods can be stored duty unpaid until the final destination is announced and the goods are either carried out or transferred  to another customs proceeding.
  • Our IT-infrastructure is available for illustration of all processes concerning the storage in a bonded warehouse.

AEO certificate

Rhenus Svoris has AEO certificate, which grants the company Authorized Economic Operator status. The certificate ensures that EU member states acknowledge Rhenus Svoris as a safe and reliable participant of logistics market. Certificate provides several advantages in customs procedures, when transporting goods across the border of the EU:

  • AEO certificate holders avoid queues at the EU's borders
  • The check rate of AEO certified freight is lower
  • The selected freight receives priority check-up
  • All EU members mutually recognize the AEO certificate, issued in one of the EU member states.

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