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Just right for young newcomers who want to get ahead.

Rhenus is a dynamic place. Whether you are looking for an apprenticeship or a dual study program -we offer a wide range of opportunities in the exciting world of logistics. Willingness to roll up your sleeves, help others and work in a team are very important to us-at each of our 500-plus locations. Apprentices and dual students alike can look forward to a high degree of responsibility, with high-intensity mentoring to match. Not only that: we also offer internships to help guide high school students in their career choices. Sound like great prospects for the future, right from day one? That's exactly what they are.

Apprenticeships – Your path to becoming a fully-trained logistics professional.

Rhenus can make you a logistics specialist in any of over 15 recognized apprenticeships. Of course, you decide what you want to focus on-whether it is operations in our warehouses and ports or on the commercial side as a dispatcher. And when we promise excellent training, we mean it:

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As our apprentices learn more and more about their job, we support them both professionally and personally, give them responsibility at an early stage and encourage them to work independently. We help them learn and understand. This generates a rapid sense of achievement and gives us the secure feeling that we can count on them. You see, we prefer to recruit young talents from within our own ranks. That adds up to great prospects for newcomers who have their sights firmly set on a strong professional future.

Key facts at a glance.

If you are considering an apprenticeship at Rhenus, first ask yourself: What are my strengths? Are you good at math, local language, English and geography? And at visual thinking? If so, an apprenticeship as a logistics manager could be right for you. Are you into the latest IT? You consider bits and bytes the spice of life? Then maybe you would like to train to become an IT specialist. Do you love variety and systematic thinking as much as taking on a challenge directly and communicating with other people? In that case, you should think about going to work as a warehouse or port logistics specialist. To see what specific skills you need for which apprenticeship options, please check the current openings in our Jobboard. There you can also learn what type of diploma or other qualifications you need and who to contact if you have questions. Apprenticeship programs at Rhenus usually last three years and start each year in August and September.

Sound interesting? Send us your application well in advance-preferably using our online application form. Please attach a letter of motivation, your résumé and your school report card or in electronic form. Remember: your letter of motivation must indicate which apprenticeship program and which location you are applying to.

Dual study program – A dose of theory and practice to go, please!

You have already decided to go into logistics when you finish school. But what is better, an apprenticeship or a degree? Why not do both at once? Rhenus offers you the ideal opportunity to combine a college degree with an apprenticeship in a dual study program.

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You might be thinking, "OK, I'd be doing a bit of both, but neither one thoroughly!" Wrong! At Rhenus, you get practical training that is as intensive as it is comprehensive, coupled with plenty of theoretical input from our partner college. That will make you a sought-after logistics professional with a solid base of both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. We believe that is a great foundation on which to build a successful career-naturally at Rhenus, if you like.

Key facts at a glance.

We offer a total of three programs of study: logistics, business administration and IT. What exactly do they involve? In logistics, you'll learn all you need to know about today's logistics chain management or supply chain management. Dual students in business administration will be involved in projects covering all aspects of corporate development, marketing or real estate. And in IT, much of the work revolves around planning and implementing IT solutions for logistics, while at the same time you will be helping to set up entire infrastructures, dealing with virtualizations or taking on service management. As you can see, there are various exciting challenges and opportunities open to you in a wide range of different areas. How long does a dual study program take? Normally three years. Depending on your dual student program and location, you either attend courses at least two days a week, or you alternate between three-month theory and practice phases. Study programs normally begin in the fall semester, in August and September. If you have further questions, please see the current listings in our Job center for all the contact information you need.

Sound interesting? Then send us your application well in advance-preferably using our online application form. Please attach a letter of motivation, your résumé and your transcript of records or other academic reports in electronic form. Remember: your letter of motivation must indicate which course of study you are applying for at which college.

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